Palin Is "Racist, Sexist, Vindictive"

"So Sambo beat the bitch!"

This is how Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin described Barack
Obama's win over Hillary Clinton to political colleagues in a restaurant a few
days after Obama locked up the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

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Gov. Palin's Staff Now Refusing to Talk to Investigation into "Troopergate"

Gov. Sarah Palin had recently promised to co-operate fully with the investigation into her alleged abuse of power.  The memo must not have reached her staff, her executive powers must not be all that effective, or, more likely, the McCain campaign legal team trying to quash the investigation must be in control now.

This piece hit Alaskan news just prior to Gov. Palin being announced as the GOP VP nominee, after a recorded phone call showing her staff using the Governor's office for Palin's personal purposes was released to the public.  KTVA reports that Gov. Palin reversed course this day on her original denial of any type of abuse of power:

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More on Sarah Palin

More on Sarah Polin

Many Republicans, and others, have praised the decision by Governor Palin to carry her baby to term despite knowledge of its Down's Syndrome. And they have praised her pregnant unmarried 17 year-old daughter on her decision to have her baby.

Should not they also realize that, if Sarah Palin has her way, such decisions could not be made? The government will have already decided for the woman.

No wonder that one of my daughters has referred to Ms Palin as a "folksy feminine fascist".

Sarah Palin for VP

I wish that she were a liberal Democrat, so that I could root for her and vote for her. She is likeable. charming, and attractive enough to be referred to by some as McCain's "trophy vice".

But her political and social views are intolerable. In addition to her opposition to a woman's right to choose, she denies that humans cause the global warming that threatens Alaska's polar bears, supports the teaching in schools of creationism and abstinence-only sex education. And she wants oil drilling in the Anwr National Wildlife Refuge.

Early in Palin's mayoralty, she wanted to impose book banning on the town library and tried to fire the librarian who resisted. Now, that's scary.

McCain Picks Palin as VP Nominee

McCain did manage to step on the buzz from Obama's stirring closing ceremony speech. Palin-Biden seems a clear mismatch but perhaps not since she is such a charmer

Since Palin was a feisty and successful point guard, maybe she and Obama should go one-on-one.


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Palin: The Advantages of Low Expectations

I woke up to the headline "Palin wow's GOP!"

I have to wonder if they saw they same speech I did?  Yes, she was snarky, snide, and juvenile as she read her prepared speech off the teleprompter, but "wow?" I wasn't feeling that, and it didn't appear to me that the participants were unanimously feeling it either.

What I saw was that crazed PTA mom that every one wishes would stop coming to the meetings because she is always mad about something she knows little about.

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BREAKING: Palin Emails Leak - WaPo

Not much input as I'm listening to trash-talkin' Rudy while I write this.  Catch the full piece here:

Palin E-Mails Show Intense Interest in Trooper's Penalty

By James V. Grimaldi and Karl Vick
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, September 4, 2008; A27

EAGLE RIVER, Alaska, Sept. 3 -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the running mate for GOP presidential candidate John McCain, wrote e-mails that harshly criticized Alaska state troopers for failing to fire her former brother-in-law and ridiculed an internal affairs investigation into his conduct.

The e-mails were shown to The Washington Post by a former public safety commissioner, Walter Monegan, who was fired by Palin in July. Monegan has given copies of the e-mails to state ethics investigators to support his contention that he was dismissed for failing to fire Trooper Mike Wooten, who at the time was feuding with Palin's family.

"This trooper is still out on the street, in fact he's been promoted," said a Feb. 7, 2007, e-mail sent from Palin's personal Yahoo account and written to give Monegan permission to speak on a violent-crime bill before the state legislature.

"It was a joke, the whole year long 'investigation' of him," the e-mail said. "This is the same trooper who's out there today telling people the new administration is going to destroy the trooper organization, and that he'd 'never work for that b**', Palin'.)"

Asked about the e-mails, Palin's campaign spokeswoman, Maria Comella, said that Palin was merely alerting officials to potential threats to her family and that there is no evidence that Palin ever ordered Wooten to be fired.

Deceit after the bump.

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