2010 and 2012 Implications

Harwood has an post up saying "Democrats Must Attack to Win in 2010" and looks at the NJ and VA races as a template for 2012. I pretty much concur with this opinion. In NJ, Corzine is turning things around, perhaps thanks to a 3rd candidate in the race. In a two-person race, it doesn't usually hurt having a third candidate, unless it turns into a situation where the third candidate has a serious chance at winning. Then, as the VA primary earlier this year showed, things can turnover quickly.

In Virginia, things are not hopeless, but its pretty close to it. Deeds comes across as someone not to take too serious with his attacks on McDonnell. He plays "nice guy" well but comes off as insincere with his attacks. Ben Tribbett has all but pronounced Deeds dead in his look at the statewide ticket:

His campaign will go down in history as the turning point for Republicans in Virginia- after a brutal decade of losses- and he has turned Bob McDonnell from a random state Delegate into an Attorney General, and now into a Governor- who in a few weeks will immediately shoot into the top ten potential Republican Presidential candidates in 2012 or 2016.

It is still baffling that Deeds wound up with the nomination. Moran was the only candidate who showed he understood that we would be in a battle for the GE, and the only candidate that was able to tear apart McAuliffe. For that preview of what he would have done to McDonnell, he was labeled as "too negative" and NoVA progressives opted for the "nice guy" conservative Democrat instead. The Deeds apologists will tell you that anyone would have been down like this, but that's just nonsense.

Unless things change dramatically in the next three weeks in Virginia, Republicans will sweep the statewide contests, pick up Delegate seats, and be in total control of the '10 VA redistricting effort (Dems hold the Senate so will have a share of power). More, Deeds Is Way Off the Mark.

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Veterans Advocates Skeptical Of New V.A. Registration Policies

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Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

We recently wrote about the Department of Veterans Affairs decision to open its facilities to voter registration drives after months of urging by voting rights groups and elected officials. This week, however, "VA voter suppression continues," as AlterNet's Steven Rosenfeld wrote Tuesday, with voter registration efforts being blocked in California and the VA general counsel criticizing the pending Veterans Voting Support Act (S. 3308), which would bolster federal protection of voter registration opportunities for all wounded veterans. With just three weeks left to register voters in most states, advocates say now is the time to support voter registration efforts in VA facilities and, most importantly, it needs to be explicitly protected from now on through federal law.

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McCain/Palin Rally in VA Highschool Against Board Rules

The Washington Post is reporting today that the McCain campaign is going against the rules of the Fairfax VA school district by holding a political rally at a highschool during the school day.  


Political expediency once again trumps social concerns, community rules and child welfare for the McCain campaign.

Sen. John McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, are holding a campaign rally at Fairfax High School tomorrow morning in violation of a school system policy, prompting some teachers and community leaders to question district officials.

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Ras Swing State polls--let's not panic

Here are the Rasmussen swing state polls:

CO--O 49, M46
FL--tied at 48
OH--M 51, O 44
PA--O 47, M 45
VA--M 49, O 47

All taken after the GOP convention.

What's remarkable is that Florida is tied.  Maybe there's a Palin backlash there.  

Ohio is slipping away, though Rasmussen has been bearish on Obama's Ohio propects.  The other thing to note is independents;
in OH and VA he's down double digits, in the other states, he's up double digits.

Obama may not win Florida (and the election), but I'd say his percentage there will higher than in Ohio.  We'll have to see what tomorrow's trackers will bring.

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VA won't let vets register at federal facilities

What is he thinking?! That's what the Secretary of State of Connecticut, Susan Bysiewicz, asks in her editorial in the New York Times.  It seems that the secretary of Veterans Affairs, James Peake, won't allow nonpartisan voter registration drives at federally funded hospitals, shelters and rehabilitation centers for veterans. So veterans like Martin O'Nieal, who lost his leg in World War II, might not be able to vote.

Martin tried to vote in the last election, but the nurses couldn't answer his questions about how to register and where his polling place was. And thanks to James Peake and his department's policies, nonpartisan organizations aren't allowed to provide veterans like Martin with that information. 

You've heard about all the ways that our leaders are failing our veterans and troops-- lack of health care, inadequate mental health support, bickering over educational benefits, sexual assault allegations and electrocutions. Now this.

We ask our veterans to risk making the ultimate sacrifice for our democracy. The least we can do is make it easier for them -- especially those who are recuperating from injuries or without a home of their own -- to exercise their democratic rights. Tell James Peake to allow veterans to register to vote at federal veterans facilities.

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