2007/08 Governor's Races

Nobody has looked at the impending governor's races for the next two years yet, so here goes.  Three state houses are up for election in 2007 with 11 more to come in 2008 (including Vermont and New Hampshire, the two states that still elect their governors to two-year terms.)

A quick rundown of the seats:

Solid R: Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah
Likely R: None
Lean R: Vermont
Tossup: Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington
Lean D: Kentucky, Delaware
Likely D: Montana
Solid D: New Hampshire, West Virginia

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UT-Sen : Most Unique Ad You Will See in 2006

An ad concept was pitched to Pete via his blog, he gave the supporter permission to move foward, they produced/directed the spot, handed it off to us...we had another supporter polish it up and put the stand by your ad bit on it, and here it is...

Action Ashdown

We are on a much more restrained budget than other Senate (and even many House) races, but we are finding success at getting peoples attention with some unique things.  It would be nice if more people understood the meaning behind what the kids are saying, but it is amusing even in ignorance in my opinion.

This spot will be airing on Comedy Central, Spike, and a few other cable channels Sunday and Monday, while our more meaty education ad runs on the radio throughout the state.

Please provide us with some feedback!

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Register to Vote if you Live in One of These States!

Update: I missed Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia. Ack.

If you haven't registered to vote and you live Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, or Washington, do it today.  The deadlines for those states fall between October 7 - October 11, which is early next week.  Voter registration is no longer hard.  I did it a few days ago (change of address) through this site, which produced a nice slick PDF which I mailed in.  The whole process took me fifteen minutes.  

http://civic.moveon.org/save_the_interne t/voter_reg.html

As a bonus, since I did it through that site I'm now counted as an 'Internet Freedom Voter', or a voter who cares about net neutrality.

If you need deadlines for other states, go to this post.

You can also register to vote through this url if you want to register to vote and for some reason are against net neutrality: http://www.govote.org/?t1=120

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Culture of Corruption Reaches to Utah and HHS

Cross posted on The Third Avenue

In the Salt Lake Tribune today, we get this enigmatic headline: "Leavitt makes surprise SUU visit"

Gee, why would Former Utah Governor Leavitt (now HHS Sec.) unexpectedly show up at Southern Utah University?  I will show you in extended...

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A Message from the Mayor of Salt Lake City

Several commentators have recently expressed profound pessimism about the possibility of addressing the challenges posed by catastrophic climate change. Some have argued that current technology is insufficient to address the problem, and that we can only hope for an as-yet unknown technological panacea to effectively combat global warming.

Our experience in Salt Lake City shows that individuals, businesses, and governments on every level can employ measures available with current technology to address the serious challenges of global warming. On the eve of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, I committed Salt Lake City to reduce global warming pollution from municipal operations by seven percent by 2012, in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol. Last year, we surpassed our Kyoto goal, seven years early. Salt Lake City's efforts in improving efficiency and sustainability can be easily undertaken by other municipal, state, and federal governments, and lead to significant cost savings.

An op-ed I authored on how climate change can be effectively addressed at the local level, using current technology, appeared in the Arizona Daily Star and other newspapers through the McClatchy-Tribune Wire. The op-ed is available here: http://www.azstarnet.com/opinion/138594. The Arizona Star also published an accompanying editorial enumerating effective solutions on the local level to the problem of disastrous climate change, available here: http://www.azstarnet.com/allheadlines/138597.

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