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Obama Endorsements.

Not a bad week for the Senator from Illinois.

American Postal Workers Union ssrel080409_obama.htm

Charleston Gazette als/200804070537

Portland Tribune rint_story.php?story_id=1207603143729780 00

Former OR Govs. Barbara Roberts and John Kitzhaber (current Gov. backs HRC) onal/index.ssf?/base/elections-0/1207839 848150850.xml&storylist=orlocal

Utah Democratic Party Chair Wayne Holland (not a real surprise, but endorsement message is nice). -endorsement-of-utah-party-chair-holland /

Montana Superdelegate Jeanne Lemire Dahlman (note other SD Campbell will probably support Obama but party rules have forced her to withdraw her official endorsement until after the primary) 04/08/news/local/news05.txt

Pennsylvania City and State Lawmakers (not quite Rendell/Nutter, but something!) news_breaking/20080410_Obama_to_receive_ Phila__endorsements_today.html

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I Had No Idea Things were THIS Bad for the Republicans

I knew things were bad for the Republican Party -- I just hadn't realized that things were this bad:

Josh Romney, the middle son of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, toyed with the idea of running for Congress in Utah but says now he's definitely not going to jump into the race this year.

Josh Romney, 32, who lives in Millcreek outside of Salt Lake City, says after zipping across the United States for more than a year, including visiting all 99 counties in Iowa, he wants to take a break from politics before plunging into another campaign.

"Just having come off a tough election with my dad, I think the family's not quite ready to hop back into another race," Josh Romney said Saturday. "It's going to be nice to spend some time with the kids and take some time out of politics."

Two years from now, though, Romney says he may launch a campaign to oust Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson from his 2nd District seat.

"I guess I'm not ruling anything out or ruling anything in," he says. But, "this one I'm definitely ruling out."

If Josh Romney is afraid to campaign in Utah -- a state where his father was able to get 90 percent of the vote during the Republican presidential primary last week -- and in the second congressional district, which tends to lean 17 points more Republican than the nation as a whole in presidential elections, then I don't know what Republican congressional challenger is going to be able to be successful this cycle. Here is someone with a nationwide fundraising base, high name recognition, fans in the national (and presumably local) press corps -- exactly the right profile for this district. Yet he doesn't think he can win?

It's true that Jim Matheson is very popular and would be extremely difficult for the GOP to take down, this cycle or any cycle. And I'm not pining away waiting for Josh Romney to run against Matheson, either. But it is nevertheless astounding to me that this guy would so quickly shut down the prospect of a run after having floated the idea just last week. If that's not a sign of how bad things are for Republicans, whether on the congressional level or the presidential level or even on the dogcatcher level (do we still hold elections for dogcatcher?), I don't know what is.

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Utah Bloggers Rally to Keep Marine Corps in Spotlight

Utah media entrepreneur and popular progressive blogger JM Bell has turned to Utah bloggers to draw more attention and support for short-handed Utah Marines in their Toys for Tots program this holiday season.

The Marines have taken ownership of Toys for Tots for 60 years nationally, and 30 years in Utah.  Each year the Marine Corps, local media, business, and many volunteers work together on this program.  From grocery stores to radio stations, many help to create excitement and offer locations for donation drops, but traditionally the bulk of the work collecting and distributing for the program has fallen on the Marine Corps.

And as Bell has written, local media has not given credit where credit is due. [...]

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Voter Disenfranchisement: Politicization at the DOJ Leads To Questionable Voter Purge Attempts

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

This an entry in a series of blogs to keep people informed on current election reform and voting rights issues in the news.

Featured Story of the Week:

Voter Purging: A Legal Way for Republicans to Swing Elections? - AlterNet

Justice Department wants court hearing on Alabama voting system - Associated Press,

"To me, it's a very clear view of the Republican agenda, said former [Department of Justice Civil Rights Division] Voting Section Chief, Joe Rich. "The GOP agenda is to make it harder to vote. You purge voters. You don't register voters. This is ripe for partisan decision making. You pick the states where you go after Democrats."

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You Have No Right

At the Anderson/Hannity "debate" Friday night, I had an experience I can't seem to shake, and that in the days since has festered into near contempt.

Many recaps exist, so I'll quickly offer only this in addition: Rocky brought to the table a well researched case, as if presenting it at a trial court. Sean Hannity brought two long, emotional videos and a nice tie.  A majority of the audience brought their lack of understanding of the Middle East and the war in general, and an unwillingness to partake in mature dialog.

About half-way through Anderson's presentation, he displayed a picture of the World Trade center in flames, shortly before the tower's fell. Up to this point, he had detailed his argument for the mishandling of our country and the War on Terror by the Bush team. When the twin towers picture appeared on the screen behind him, and before Anderson could continue, a man sitting a few rows behind me shouted "You have no right!"

I thought of nothing else the rest of the night.

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