A Fraud Perpetrated on the American People

Last Friday the Salt Lake Tribune reported something about which I am still musing.  The story was about Senator Orrin Hatch's views on global warming.  According to Hatch, no one knows if global warming is real, the science is just not there, and the science itself is "actually more like science fiction." He later explained that he has read Michael Crichton's State of Fear and investigated the notes at the end in order to form his own opinions on the subject.

So, according to Senator Hatch, science is fiction and fiction is science.  Is this guy for real?

The only thing I can think of that is more absurd than Senator Hatch's comments is the fact that Utahns will still send him back to Washington to represent them as a U.S. Senator by at least a 2-to-1 margin this next November.

In the 1970's and 1980's the tobacco industry provided massive funding to groups, including scientists and medical doctors, that would promote the industry's ideology that the dangers of smoking were unproven.  These "experts" would testify before Congress and the American people that the scientists who had concluded that smoking was harmful were either practicing bad science or else promoting their own agenda in order to extort the lucrative tobacco companies.  Occasionally, they would suggest that a mean-spirited conspiracy of greed was being perpetrated against their client industry.

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Speaking to a group of downwinders at Dixie Regional Medical Center yesterday, Senator Hatch made the comment, "I am up for election and if there is someone who can do better, I'd like to meet the SOB."

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50 State Strategy: Spotlight on Utah

From the diaries--Chris

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio! Florida, Florida, Florida! Utah? Utah? Utah!

The fifty state strategy is more than the boom-and-bust operation that sets up shop several months out of every four years in the same swing states courted during presidential elections. It's about electing Democrats from the top of the ticket all the way to the bottom in those very swing states, but also places Democrats have not competed in decades like Alabama, Idaho, and Utah. Yes, Utah.

(Remember to sign-up and participate in the nationwide canvass April 29.)

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Donate Directly

While you're receiving the deluge of "end-of-quarter" appeals from the Democratic party and lodged incumbents consider the following.

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MyDD Conversation with UT-Sen Candidate Pete Ashdown

On Wednesday morning, I spoke with Pete Ashdown, a Democratic Senate candidate in the state of Utah. Ashdown and I covered a range of issues during our conversation, including the budget, immigration, port security, Iraq, lobbying reform, and why the progressive blogosphere should get involved in the campaign. You can listen to the interview here (warning: an 12.0 megabyte mp3) or read the rush transcript below.

Jonathan Singer: For you, what is the biggest issue of this year's campaign?

Pete Ashdown: What I am focusing on is the disconnect between the people in the government. Everyone I've talked to around this state as I've been touring this state has - regardless of party or affiliation - has told me that they don't feel like their federal government is listening to them or connected to them at all.

Singer: Do you think that issues like fiscal issues and other issues like that can play a large role in the campaign, especially considering the recent South Dakota legislation that would effectively ban abortion in the state, and the resulting focus on social issues? Do you think that you'll be able to get your message out still?

Ashdown: I do. We've rehashed those social issues time and time again in Utah, and I think what a lot of people across the board are concerned with are the fiscal issues, and I believe I bring a specialized viewpoint to that in the fact that I am a small business owner and I do know what the problems are as far as balancing budgets and income to debt ratios, but also the needs of small business, which I believe is the backbone of America.

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