Diving for Dollars

Campaign fund raising as a challenger is something I would not wish on my worst enemy.  Doing the ask does not bother me.  Pitching to strangers is something I had to do repeatedly in the early years of XMission.  However, I've had a higher hit rates selling chocolate Santas as a teenager than with donors who have traditionally given high amounts to Democrats in other races.

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A Tuesday Primary Challenge for Republican Chris Cannon in Utah

Republicans may get a major wake-up call on Tuesday because of immigration.

John Jacob, a political neophyte, has ridden anxieties over immigration into striking distance of unseating Rep. Chris Cannon in the 3rd Congressional District race, according to a Salt Lake Tribune poll.

The survey of 400 likely voters, conducted Monday through Thursday, found Eagle Mountain businessman Jacob and five-term congressman Cannon in a dead heat with 44 percent of voters favoring Cannon to 41 percent for Jacob, leaving enough voters on the fence to throw the race either way.

The issue is immigration, which is what the GOP is going to run on in 2006.  The Republican base wants to criminalize immigration, as usual, but it's particularly intense this year.

The effect of immigration is clear in the poll conducted by Washington, D.C.-based Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, with 91 percent of those surveyed saying it was somewhat important or very important. Among Jacob voters, 97 percent say immigration is an important issue of the campaign. And 69 percent of Jacob voters say immigration is the primary reason they would vote for him. Nearly as many Cannon voters (64 percent) say it is the driving issue in voting for their candidate.

Jacobs is a weird guy, who claims that Satan is obstructing his campaign.  And Bush's approval ratings in Utah are actually high, higher than in any other state.

It seems as if conservative voters are voting against Bush, because they see him as soft and untrustworthy.  They aren't going to vote for Democrats, but it is possible to keep them from the polls since a vote for an R this year is effectively a vote to continue Bush's policies.

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Life and Death

The Salt Lake Tribune reported on a immigrant couple who have tried to follow all the necessary rules to become U.S. citizens.  It is a good example of how broken the legal immigration system is.  This couple has worked hard to become part of their community and have a naturalized son.  I don't think they are asking to be treated specially, simply fairly, and that is not what the existing system is giving them.

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BBC Audio, Momster and Blogger Conference

The audio for the BBC interview from last Monday is available here.

My good friend Ellie Pirelli (pictured in this article) from Washington County apparently made quite a splash at the Yearly Kos blogger conference.  I saw Ellie before she left and sent her off with some campaign material and then heard from others about the good work she did there.  Ellie, you are an inspiration to us all.

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BBC and Map Changers

Steven Peterson of Washington County, Utah is my volunteer of the week.  Steve took my plea to spread the word to heart and got the BBC interested in my campaign.  They did a short interview today and will follow-up with a longer interview on Monday.  This is a great example of what you can do to help get the word out.   I need you to talk to press, big and small about this campaign and get them interested in how I am recrafting American politics.  Read Steven's account of getting the word to the BBC and how you can listen to the program on Monday:

   Obiter Dicta by Steve

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