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      I wanted to make it clear that I nor anyone should blame the illegal immigrants. It's not their fault. They're simply trying to make a living, but it's our duty, a fail one at that, to enforce our laws and also make things easier and transparent when it comes to immigration and a person's path to citizenship. So when I hear people on the far, far right say we need to build fences and electric fences and a wall that stretches from here to god knows where I don't like that message. At the same time people like Mayor Gavin Newsome and Geraldo Rivera don't fully understand the dangerous line when it comes to illegal immigration and open borders with no limits or order. For example the gang member who raped and murdered two teenage girls in Texas a few years back. He dodged certain punishment because Mexico stepped in and blocked United States law from sentencing him to death, which I might add he deserves. There's also the countless murders and kidnappings that take place along the Laredo/Mexico borders. Drug Cartels exploit illegals by using them to smuggle drugs into the US. They also cut the heads off border patrolman and roll them into public places to send a message to anyone trying to shut them down.

        So the illegal aliens aren't to blame. We're to blame. We continue to let things slide and sooner or later it will get to a point where the rules will no longer apply. You can bet if Iran or Pakistan was located on the southern border of the United States Bush would be beating drums to build an electric fence and a wall with motion sensor spikes; the whole nine.

Which is really sad once you stop and think. How can a president who wants so badly to be known as a leader and protector of America let murderous drug gangs wreak havoc on our borders.

Remember folks, you elected them. They got our hopes us and they screwed us all. If you're looking for Congress to actually do its job well, it's sort of like playing the lottery. The chances are rare. If it even happens at all.

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How They'll Derail Healthcare

If you want a clue on how the opposition's going to try to derail universal healthcare, I've got just one word for you.


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U.S. LIES about 'IRAN threat' exposed and disproven by U.N. Inspector

Scott Ritter was a United States Marine Corps intelligence officer from 1984 to 1991 and a United Nations Weapons Inspector directly on the ground in Iraq from 1991 to 1998.  He is the author of numerous books, including "Iraq Confidential" (Nation Books, 2005)

In 2002, Scott Ritter stood up and protested,  to anyone who would listen (in editorials, radio and TV interviews, books, etc.),  that, in fact, it was totally false that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction" or "Nuclear Missiles" or the capacity to attack the U.S. and Britain "in 45 minutes",   plus all of the rest of the utter nonsense, fraudulent fearmongering, and deliberate War Propaganda that was fabricated out of Washington and London.

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The Truth about The United States.

Americans have been lied to by the U.S. government for the past 60+years in order to justify unnecessary mass-violence, bloodshed, and Warfare (largely for the benefit of corrupt transnational Corporations and U.S. Monopolies).

Watch Bill Moyers Report about what the U.S. Goverment really is
Click on the Video Link:

Right Here Bill Moyers Report

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Newt: End Democracy as We Know It

I caught a video of Newt Gingrich on Meet the Press today explaining how he would win the war in Iraq. The third item in Newt's 6 point plan was particularly eye catching.

"Encourage the development of a military tribunal system to lock people up the way Abraham Lincoln would have done it."

When Gingrich mentions "locking people up" through a military tribunal system, he is referring to war opponents. The key is the Lincoln reference. When conservatives like Gingrich talk about military tribunals in relation to Abraham Lincoln, they emphasize that Lincoln had the leading Copperhead, or Southern sympathizer, Clement Vallandigham of Ohio, brought before a military tribunal and convicted. For conservatives, the Vallandigham case established a decisive precedent for presidents having domestic opponents of a war arrested and brought before military courts. Former Reagan defense official Frank Gaffney argued recently in a Washington Times column that the Lincoln precedent meant that members of Congress like Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan should be subject to arrest. Obviously, the same would apply to the leadership of anti-war organizations like, the proprietors of popular left-wing blogs like DailyKos and MyDD, and anti-war figures like Michael Moore as well.

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