I swore The Oath of Enlistment 28 years ago

On a January morning at 6am, I left my parents house to enlist in the United States Army Special Forces.  It was 1981.  I drove down to a building on Michigan Avenue to be processed into the service of my country.  I remember filling out paperwork, seeing physicians, answering questions, waiting in line and moving from one room to another for hours.  Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, I was taken into a room with several young men like myself.  Some I had seen on my rounds that morning and some were strangers.  I was excited and eager to begin my tour of duty in service to my country.  We looked around the room at each other as we filed in and were asked to stand in a straight line.

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When some among us seriously harm the rest of the world in our name.

... or pretend that it's not important or necessary? As I write this, extremely legitimate and quite serious people are looking for ways to set right America's recent global and social criminal history

I seriously doubt that even half the readers here could spontaneously declare who Robert Jackson was.

Two months ago on this very blog Lietta Ruger brought up the same theme. To no one's surprise, the response was essentially "ho hum" and "yea so?" Yet we bloggers really are among the most civically active members of society and I wonder how it is that we got so sophisticatedly wise about political campaign strategy and remain so inept, ignorant and apathetic about genuine civic responsibility? There are duties required by that  responsibility when things go wrong or when some among us seriously harm the rest of the world in our name.

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If BHO is the unifier he claims to be......

......then he should offer the 2nd place Democratic primary finisher, who'd have finished mere percentage points behind him in both the delegate count and popular vote (w/ about 15 million votes total), the #2 spot on the ticket.  I'm talking Hillary, natch!

Of course BHO is under no obligation to do so, but it would be a brilliant and bold communal move, one that would indeed bring the party back together and focused on a singular common goal, defeating Sen. John McCain in November!  There's no way McCain could survive a battle w/ the 4-headed monster of Barack, Hillary, Bill & Michelle, could he?  

If Hillary were to be VP, it's doubtful she'd ever make it to the Oval Office, but being the first female Vice-President is not a bad way to go down in history.  Not to mention she'd be a real ball-buster in our do-nothing Democratic Congress, doing whatever it takes to redeem her legacy by finally getting health care passed.  If BHO were to be VP, he'd gain valuable experience and be in spectacular shape for 2016, when he'd be around the same age John Edwards is now.  His popularity and Congressional allies will ensure him the clout to keep Bill at a distance, which, well let's face it, would be beneficial to Hillary as well.

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Obama/Wright '08!

I never thought I'd ever see video more damaging to Sen. Barack Obama's campaign than the first videos of Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ's sermons that emerged in mid-March.  Then I saw these:

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Rev. Wright: The Magical Misery Tour!

Roll up, roll up for the misery tour!  That would be the upcoming media tour by the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright, which will no doubt be bringing misery upon Sen. Barack Obama's electability argument.  Here's a list of some of Rev. Wright's "Greatest Hits" (w/ video excerpts):

"Israel (That Dirty Word Again!)"
"America's Chickens....... are Coming Home..... to Roooooooost"
"God Damn America!"
"The Government LIIIIIIIIED about Pearl Harbor!"
"The U.S. of KKK (A.)"
"Hillary ain't never been called a n***!"
"Fighting for Peace is like Raping for Virginity"
"What We are Doing is the Same Thing Al Qaeda is Doing"
"Monica (The Other White Meat)"

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