No, He Can't Because Yes, They Will

Obama's mantra, "Yes, We Can" is inspiring and heartwarming, but in the end is an empty phrase that will founder once the Republican political attack machine spins up. I realize that most Obamatons are so wedded to his vision of hope that any effort to point out the cracks in the foundation of the new Democratic Savior are met with fury and disdain.

If you think for a minute that the Republican party--who used Willie Horton on Michael Dukakis to devastating effect, who portrayed triple amputee and veteran Max Cleland as a bosom buddy of Osama Bin Laden, and convinced many voters that decorated combat veteran John Kerry was a fraud--will give Obama a pass come the fall then you are in serious denial.

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Obama's Terrorist Ties [UPDATED]

Update [2008-2-15 12:30:34 by Larr Johnson]: We used TinyUrl to make all of the links available to you because MyDD's software doesn't allow the ID tag within URLs.

As Democrats and Independents weigh who they want to run against John McCain in the fall, answer this question.  Can you support a candidate who is friends with terrorists?  Can you support a candidate who takes money from terrorists?  Well, if Obama is your man you have some problems.  Today's Bloomberg News drops this bombshell:

Besides Rezko and Giannoulias, Obama could face questions about his  relationship with William Ayers, a former member of the radical group the  Weather Underground who is now a professor of education at the University of  Illinois in Chicago. Ayers donated $200 in 2001 to Obama's Illinois state Senate  campaign and served with him from 1999 to 2002 on the board of the Woods Fund,  an anti-poverty group.

A Series of Bombings

The Weather Underground carried out a series of bombings in the early 1970s  -- including the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. While Ayers was never prosecuted  for those attacks, he told the New York Times in an interview published Sept.  11, 2001, that ``I don't regret setting bombs.''

Bill Burton, Obama's spokesman, said Ayers ``does not have a role on the  campaign.'' Ayers said he had no comment on his relationship with Obama.

Does not have a role on the campaign?   Well thank God for that.  Are you kidding me?

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How To Buy A Mansion You Can't Afford

Posted on behalf of No Quarter blogger City Nell

The Obamas' new home has received a lot of attention in the corporate media and on the blogs. This post will discuss other perspectives.

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Will Rezko Blow Up Obama?

By Larry C. Johnson (bio/blog)

Today's arrest of slumlord Tony Rezko could be very bad news for Barack Obama's presidential ambitions.  Rezko was arrested because he lied to the Feds--he claimed in November 2006 he had no assets and was virtually broke, but in April 2007 he received $3.5 million from a company owned by an Iraqi billionaire who also happens to be a convicted felon .  The man's name?  Nadhmi Auchi.

So what does this have to do with Obama?  Well, buried in a footnote in the motion for an arrest warrant, we learn that Auchi was denied a visa to the United States because of his conviction in France on fraud charges.  Auchi's buddy, Rezko sent a request to the U.S. Department of State in November 2005 for a visa waiver.  And Rezko asked unidentified "Illinois government officials" to ask for clearance as well.  How much you want to bet one of those officials was Barack Hussein Obama?

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Slumgate: 20-Year Associate of Obama Arrested [UPDATED]

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Update [2008-1-28 12:13:9 by susanhu]: By the way, on ABC's This Week yesterday, Barack Obama said that he has had a "20-year" relationship with Tony Rezko, not the 17-year relationship typically described by newspaper reporters who are unable to interview Obama on his relationship with the influence peddler indicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. In my Saturday story, "Politics Is A Blood Sport," I noted that Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet pointed out that "Obama has never agreed to an interview about Rezko." There's also an exceptional Boston Globeop-ed I quoted from, written by a Democratic media consultant in Boston, "Worrying about Obama":

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