Douche of reality from the Dems' 'Mr K Street'

The Washington Monthly has a profile of Steny Hoyer - backstory for those of us who are politics latecomers, including one or standout points.

For instance, in the special election in 1981 in which Hoyer first came into the House,

Hoyer received strong support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), whose new chairman, Rep. Tony Coelho (D-Calif.), became intensely involved in the race--fostering a valuable long-term alliance between the two.

Coelho was the founder of the K Street Project, and cash-raiser extraordinaire for the House Dems in the 80s.

(Not, if understand matters aright, that, with Hoyer, Coelho could exactly be accused of corrupting a Jefferson Smith!)

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Netroots Candidates, Contributions and... Tom DeLay?

I'm really not much of an electoral fanatic; I tend to focus on issues and leave the nuts and bolts of the election process to people like Bowers and Kos.  But I remembered something I'd seen last year when I was on a tear over Tom DeLay, and I suddenly realized how potentially relevant and helpful it could be in the next few weeks.

Think you can find the connection between John Courage, Paul Hodes, Jerry McNerney and Tom DeLay?  (Hint: Pombo, Smith, Bass)

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NY-29: Cheney's Plame Role; Protestors and Liars and Bullies Oh My!

Today is the 10th Day of Cheney, the last day of my "10 Days of Cheney" series.  I'm sure that some of my friends will be happy to hear that since I have been sending them e-mails about it every day for the last week and a half.  LOL  The purpose of the series has been to draw attention to Cheney's scandals and scandalous acts prior to his September 22 fundraiser for Eric Massa's opponent Randy Kuhl in NY-29. Eric is appealing to the netroots to help him compete with the Cheney fundraiser.  You can donate here.

Today I am writing about Cheney's role in the outing of Valerie Plame.  Buzzflash recently interviewed Ambassador Wilson about the Plame case and one question they asked was whether he thought his wife might have been an intentional target rather than a coincidental target. (link)

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IRS revokes DLC's tax status

Despite the fact that enforcement budgets are down and Ohio churches helped orchestrate Bush's 2004 victory (and were not investigated), the IRS has taken upon itself to investigate the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

Find out why on the flip...

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Presidential Coattails: The House

Two years ago, all the country's House seats were up for grabs along with the Presidency.  This November the same House seats are also up for election with three big changes.

1) Mid-decade redistricting in Georgia and parts of Texas means approximately 17 districts have been changed.  For sake of convenience, I have eliminated Georgia from my calculations but kept Texas.  The 2004 results in Texas are far different from the national norms which may tell us something about Texas, Georgia, and open seats.

2) Congressmen and congresswomen routinely run ahead of the Presidential ticket.  Overall, 88% of those elected to congress ran ahead of their Presidential ticket within the district.  Democrats did significantly better than Republicans, running ahead of John Kerry over 93% of the time; Republicans managed to best Bush just 82.7% of the time.  Not only did Democrats do better but Republicans in blue states also managed to do significantly better than republicans in red states.

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