Slaves Work For YOU, Hunger Strikes, & Plastic Surgery For The Poor

How many slaves are working for you? Could a hunger strike by a University of Virginia football player lead to living wages at UVA? Should taxpayers cover plastic surgery for poor people? Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) leads this weeks panel to discuss these issues and more with Annie Duke (Poker Player, Author, and Huffington Post blogger), Neal Brennan (Comedian, Co-creator of The Chappelle Show), and Kathleen Kim (Professor, Loyola Law School). The 'points' were provided by Justin Dillon (founder and CEO of and Joseph Williams (football player at University of Virginia).


Hollywood Violence, The Pentagon, & Marlon Brando Oscar Rejection (The Point)

Mimi Kennedy (actress, Midnight In Paris) makes a point about how Hollywood exports violence abroad, and Jordan Zakarin (writer/editor, The Huffington Post) shares his thoughts on the cozy relationship between the film industry and the Pentagon. The final point is on what may be the most controversial moment in Oscars history involving Marlon Brando and Native Americans. Cenk Uygur (host, The Young Turks) leads the discussion with Mike Farrell (actor/activist/writer - president, Death Penalty Focus), Tina Dupuy (managing editor,, and Ed Rampell (film critic and author, 'Progressive Hollywood').


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