Online Presidential debates

Is this gonna be any good?  I don't know:
Yahoo, Slate and The Huffington Post together will host the first online-only presidential debates this fall. The debates will be hosted on all three participating Web sites, and voters will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions directly, to participate in the debate in real-time and even to determine which candidate is giving the best performance...

PBS host Charlie Rose will moderate the two debates -- one for the Democratic contenders and another for Republicans -- both of which will take place after Labor Day. Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean will give opening remarks at the Democratic online event.

The debates will be hosted on all three participating Web sites -- Yahoo, Slate and The Huffington Post.  

On the one hand, it sounds like "new boss same as the old boss" self-promotion by the websites in question-- not democratic web 2.0 participatory politics.

On the otherhand, the current debate format sucks, and is worthless except for soundbites having so many candidates on the stage, so anything new is worth a try.

I don't see why the Republicans would do it though, as those are hardly their type of venues.

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