The letter I handed Al Gore today

[Also posted at DailyKos]

Al Gore was in Chicago to sign copies of "The Assault on Reason" today. After thanking him for all he is doing and mentioning a member of my family he knows, I gave him a letter which I hope he will read. In any case, I thought I should make it public in the hopes that others who would like to see him run might find my arguments helpful in formulating their own (I encourage EVERYONE who supports Gore for President to write to him).

Dear Vice President Gore,

Thank you for everything you are doing to try to restore our democracy and save the planet.

I know you feel the current state of political discourse in this country is one in which you might not be the ideal candidate. However, I think the best way to change that discourse would be for you to run exactly the kind of campaign you have been running - to fix our broken political system and solve the climate crisis - with yourself as the candidate for President who could accomplish these goals.

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