Who would you put on Bill Maher's list?

On his show Friday night, Bill suggested that it was time for the US to treat its Wall Street miscreants in the same fashion that China had its corporate miscreants. He then recounted the fate of the Chinese executives responsible for the milk poisoning that kills so many children.  They were executed.

Maher suggested that, given the damage to the US economy done by the "masters of the universe," isn't it time for us to compile a similar list?

Maher nominated Dick Fuld of Lehman.

I'd add Sandy Weill, Charles Prince, Mizolo, Thain, Nardelli.

Some would say that these guys (and its almost exclusively guys, isn't it) have done more damage to our country and the world than OBL and deserve a comparable consequence for their actions.

Who's on your list?

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Cabinet Diary 2 - Secretary of the Treasury (with poll)

It's time to continue our look at the Cabinet in the upcoming Obama administration. Second - Secretary of the Treasury, perhaps the most important appointment President-elect Obama will make, given the current economic circumstances.

There are several excellent options - some who served in the Clinton Administration - some outsiders - and even some paradigm breaking choices. For convenience, I've taken the list from a betting site (yes, it is in the order of the oddsmakers' favorite).

There were Republicans on the list, and I've left out the "I don't believe it" names still on the betting lines such as Phil Gramm and Bob Zoellick. There's also some chatter about keeping Paulson on, temporarily to administer the bailout. So as distasteful as it seems, I kept his name on the list.

Perhaps one key criteria (which you're free to throw to the side of the road) is whether the candidate would inspire confidence in the markets.

(X posted at OpenLeft - will X post at DK, as soon as the clock allows me to post another diary there)

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