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During the Texas Democratic Party's recent Town Hall Tour, I traveled nearly 10,000 miles and visited with thousands of Democrats.  And I am proud to report that Texas Democrats are unified, energized and eager to win in 2008!  

Like most Americans, Democrats from Texarkana to El Paso are tired of George Bush's failure and ready for a change in the White House.  That's why I am very pleased to announce that the Texas Democratic Party is holding our first-ever ePrimary Poll, a weeklong online event that will give Texas Democrats a chance to support their favorite candidate for President.  

Starting today, Democrats across the Lone Star State have the opportunity to cast their vote for any of our outstanding presidential candidates at the TDP website.  After Republican leaders weakened the influence of Texas voters by failing to move up our state's primary election, the TDP is doing everything we can to ensure Texas Democrats have a say in determining the next president of the United States.  Now is the time to make your voice heard!

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Texas Democratic Convention: Day 1

I'm here in Forth Worth for the Texas State Democratic Convention where the most heated item of contention is the first contested race for party chairman in over 20 years. While tomorrow may prove me wrong when official convention business gets underway, indications are that this convention may not be the most organized, nor will the Texas Democratic Party Chair election be calm or pretty. The candidates are interim chiar Boyd Richie, former Dean for Texas coordinator Glen Maxey, Charlie Urbina-Jones, and LaRouche supporter Lakesha Rogers.

I fear this weekend will get uglier before it gets better and I pledge personally to report (when I can) on what is simply going on without personal analysis. It may be drier, but come Sunday we will have a chairman elected of the delegates of the convention.

Notes and stories today-

1) The inner convention hall looks awesome, far better than the Houston floor plan and there is wireless everywhere.

2) Apparently 40 rooms for SDEC members at the Hilton across from the convention center were somehow not taken care of and lost. Reportedly, many have transferred to a hotel 7 miles away and are not particularly happy.

3) Word from the SDEC meeting also leaked that Chairman Richie's personal assistant for the Party quit/resigned yesterday due to issues with organizing the convention. A fiery letter was sent to all SDEC members. Reportedly the locks of the Austin TDP offices were changed by the TDP Executive Director following her departure.

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Is My State Party Irrelevant?

Apparently so according to this rather stunning quote by Kelly Fero, former consultant to the Texas Democratic Party as late as last year. (who for all intents and purposes is one of the best damn consultants in the state otherwise).

Austin Chronicle: "I consider the state party to be at its best when it's almost wholly irrelevant, which it currently is."

-Kelly Fero

Yup, roll up the carpet, close the shutters, the Democrats of Texas are apparently best served by not actually having a party at all- a ringing endorsement for the leadership.

Of course, I'm of the opinion that we should bother to actually have a Democratic Party in Texas. One that might actually be able to help statewide candidates from having to waste their time building infrastructure that should be the job of the Party. Call me crazy.

From the article, which is mostly a piece on candidate for party Chair Glen Maxey for the better and worse, a response.

"We need a party that allows statewide candidates to run for office without having to build an infrastructure for their campaigns," Maxey said. "Right now, Chris Bell and Barbara Radnofsky have to go county to county to create an infrastructure. My goal is to rebuild the nuts and bolts of the organization."

Regardless of who people support for Chairman, I would hope at the very least that there is agreement that having an irrelevant state party is probably not the best idea.

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