Rick Perry's Texas Public Education Massacre

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. The movie trailer below, produced by the Texas Democratic Party, gives a graphic recounting of Rick Perry’s “Texas Public Education Massacre."

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The New Texas Caucus Lies

2nd Update: You must now be saying, but what happened to the first update. Well, it mysteriously disappeared. I just wanted to thank those that Rec'd me. Although, I'm not sure what it will mean for you. I also want to thank Student Guy for finding this comment from KTinTX the host of Burnt Orange Report disparaging any claim of candidate inspired fraud in the caucuses. It's time we had some honesty in this debate.3rd Update: Thanks for getting me up the Rec List again. Hope more people will question both myself and Alegre. I just don't respect someone that makes outrageous claims based on minimal evidence. Happy Last Primary Day!4th Update: Since I'm still up here. I think it is only appropriate that as we near the end of the primary, at least this diary if not all the diaries on the Rec List, should congratulate and acknowledge the hard work and great passion of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. I hope that we are all joyful in the result of the November election, since we have been so divided in the results of the primary election. Thank you for your intelligence and dedication.

Finally, here's (.pdf file) the evidence of which I've been asking Pacific John.  For months now, I've been asking Pacific John for some proof of his malicious allegations.  And now it has finally been delivered to me in a diary by Alegre. And so I read the document expecting to be persuaded by all the evidence of illegal activity, but it was not to be so.  I saw in two seconds that this document and the "incidents" that are reported have holes through which I can drive a Buick.  And it turns out that the only campaign that might have done something untoward is Clinton's (Check out the end for more info).

First, Alegre says that this "legitimate" claim of fraud comes from a "neutral" observer.  This same "neutral" observer has a on the homepage a huge banner stating "Count their votes now," with big pictures of Michigan and Florida.  Very neutral indeed.

Second, the document is pathetic.  There is no indication of who produced the document.  No labeling of its author or the organization for which it was produced.  The only thing aside from the "incidents" reported is the number A/72472998.2.  I googled and searched yahoo for that number and came up with nothing.  Alegre or Pacific John or another completely unidentified and unaccountable individual could have made this report.  But it is unlikely to be an official document of the Clinton campaign, the TDP or the Secretary of State, because if I've learned one thing since I've got involved in politics and interested in government it is that organizations like those stamp their name all over their documents.  So how are we supposed to believe that these events actually happened?

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Chairman of the TDP Endorses Obama

(Burnt Orange Report has the scoop as they do with all things Texas).

I don't write too many diaries and I don't really record which superdelegate endorses whom.  It's just not a major concern of mine which specific figure is giving Obama a greater delegate lead, but the Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party is particularly important to me.  The reason being is that I was particularly disturbed by a diary written by Pacific John.  In that diary Pacific John accused Barack Obama's campaign of committing fraud on the entire state of Texas.  He provided no evidence (except for hearsay).  

After repeatedly seeking either evidence or a retraction, I decided to post my own diary which further elaborated my great anger at these false accusations and pointing out that the Pacific John's diary was unsubstantiated.  Pacific John and I have continued this disagreement and I even received an e-mail from Pacific John questioning why I continued to ask him for evidence.  To all my questions regarding where the evidence was located, Pacific John would respond that the Texas Democratic Party had all the evidence and the affidavits proving fraud by the Obama campaign.  So imagine my great joy and suprise when I went to DemConWatch and saw that both the Chairman of the TDP and his wife (who is also a superdelegate) has endorsed Obama.  I guess there wasn't evidence to prove fraud after all.

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Threatening the Texas Primary/Caucus

There is method to the Clinton campaign's mad preemptive sword rattling over the Texas primary/caucus. They want to delay and disrupt the reporting of the delegate count. They hope that if they win the popular vote, they can avoid, at least for one news cycle,  news reports that even if they do so they will very likely lose the delegate fight in Texas and fall further behind Obama in the national delegate contest.

This is not speculation. This has been the subject under discussion. While I have not been part of that discussion,  plenty of sources last night and this morning confirmed this as the core of the dispute.

It is widely assumed that Obama's organizational advantage will achieve in the caucus portion of the Texas election just what it has achieved in earlier caucuses: a significant victory in delegates. There are 67 delegates at stake in those caucuses. The Clinton campaign would like to delay the reporting of the caucus results, and that is why they have continually "reserved the right to challenge" Texas law and Democratic party procedures.

Throw the Texas delegate results in dispute, and win or lose the popular vote, they will have advanced their case that the contest remains close and should go all the way to the convention if necessary.

The campaign in Texas is close. Delegates selected by popular vote out of the 31 Senate districts will probably be split more or less evenly. This is due in large part to the fact that 15 of those districts have 4 delegates to award. A candidate would have to get more than 62.5 percent of the vote in those districts to win a 3-to-1 split. The most likely outcome is a 2-2 split. In addition, Obama may have a slight advantage in that the districts with the largest number of delegates, Austin and inner city Houston and Dallas, are viewed as Obama strongholds. Still, just about every model shows an even split of primary vote delegates, no matter who wins or loses the popular vote. This is just because the vote will be close.

The Clinton campaign strategy is to justify taking the fight beyond Texas even if they fall further behind Obama in the national delegate count. To do that, they must cast doubt over the fate of the 67 delegates that will be chosen at the caucus level. Hence, their tough positioning in phone calls with Texas Democratic Party officials and others involved in the primary here.

The Texas rules have been in effect for decades. Bill Clinton ran twice under these rules. They are no surprise to anyone, and both campaigns know they have to play by the same rules. There is little point to raising concerns before the election -- except one campaign finds itself running a very unique kind of effort. To remain viable, the results of the caucus in Texas must be thrown into doubt. Almost any legal challenge will do. The Clinton narrative can be maintained-- but only if their falling further behind in delegates is not reported or is at the least cast into doubt for a news cycle, or two or three news cycles.

Texas' hybrid primary/caucus would not be questioned were it not that one candidate appears to have an advantage in caucus settings. Or that in a close race, the popular vote in senate districts will probably translate into an even split of delegates. Consequently, the Clinton campaign finds Texas to be a poor place to build a firewall or mount a comeback. That's an historical accident. Attacking the state party here would be irresponsible and damaging to Democratic prospects here in both the near and long term.

The overwhelming numbers of Texas who have voted early in the Texas primary is symptomatic of the changing political tide here. Much work has been done rebuilding the progressive movement in the Lone Star State. Attempts to taint the primary, and consequently the primary and caucus decisions of Texas voters, will set this effort back.

Cross-posted at BurntOrangeReport.

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ePrimary Closes Friday!

I am proud to report that the Texas Democratic Party's ePrimary Poll has been a huge success. Because of your help spreading the word to our fellow Democrats, in just five short days, over 7,200 Texas Democrats have cast their vote for President!

That's over five times the number of Texas Republicans who cast their vote in last weekend's exclusive Straw Poll. And we're not done yet! With one more day left to vote, all Texas Democrats still have a chance to make their voices heard in the next presidential election.

The enormous participation in the TDP ePrimary Poll is evidence of a Democratic Party on the rise in the Lone Star State. While Texas Republicans had only third-string candidates and embarrassingly low turnout at their VIP-only Straw Poll last weekend, Democrats from every corner of the state are energized by our Party's strong field of presidential candidates and showing their excitement for 2008 in the ePrimary Poll.

Democrats believe our state and nation are better served when more people participate, and the ePrimary Poll is a way for all Texas Democrats to get involved in the primary process and weigh in as our Party selects a presidential nominee. Tell the country which Democrats you want to see take over the White House!

If you haven't voted in the ePrimary Poll, there's still time. Texas Democrats have until TOMORROW at 11:59pm to cast their vote for any one of our Democratic presidential candidates.

Cast your vote for President today!

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