McCain Hires Blog Sockpuppet

McCain keeps hiring smart staffers (hat tip Bluejersey).

Jill Hazelbaker, battle tested in New Jersey this year as Tom Kean Jr.'s Communications Director, is headed to John McCain's presidential campaign. She will serve as Communications Director for McCain's campaign in New Hampshire.

Jill Hazelbaker it seems has a little penchant for posting on liberal blogs and lying about it. Bluejersey is the site that caught her, and the New York Times had the story:

The Internet postings came from people calling themselves "cleanupnj,""usedtobeblue" and "AmadeusNJ." They  said they were concerned Democrats, "lifelong liberals," and they were troubled  by the United States senator  from New Jersey,  Robert Menendez...

But the liberal Democratic hosts of, the Web log where such comments were posted, smelled something fishy about the postings, and said they traced them to a computer inside the  campaign headquarters of Mr. Menendez's Republican opponent, Thomas H. Kean Jr.

Read this post documenting how often she lied to the press about what happened.  It's actually kind of amazing.  There were even blog sockpuppets defending her personally.

My favorite is this one.

Also, you guys are upset about the attacks on Menendez, but isn't it a little bit hypocritical to then attack his press secretary. Not to mention, Kean is winnng so she must be doing something right. Just my thoughts.

Ah, the last honest man hires the last honest press secretary.

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McCain Hires Lawbreaker as Campaign Manager

John McCain just hired the worst man in the world to run his campaign, Terry Nelson. Nelson was an unindicted co-conspirator in the TRMPAC scandal as a key point of contact between Tom Delay and the RNC.  He was James Tobin's boss during the 2002 New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal, for which Tobin was convicted.  He also worked at the head of opposition research for the NRCC this cycle, where robocalls from Republicans pretending to be Democrats were the norm all over the country.  Nelson also produced the racist bimbo ad against Harold Ford.

This guy is pure Straight Talk Express meets campaign reform.  It makes a lot of sense to put legislation through the Senate on public financing and campaign fraud, because that will put McCain on the defensive.  He'll be stuck between the wingnut base which doesn't trust him on campaign finance reform, and his centrist chops.  

And Terry Nelson will hang around his neck, as he should.  This is a man who just breaks the law with impunity, and he's running the campaign of Saint McCain.

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Vote Theft, Robocalls, and Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson, an unindicted co-conspirator in the TRMPAC Tom Delay scandal, and the boss of Jim Tobin, the convicted felon in the NH phone-jamming case, is the head of opposition research for the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.  So it's not a surprise that these kinds of unethical dishonest tactics are being used.

Sources in Bergen County are reporting that an autodial robocall is being made that starts out sounding like a positive Bob Menendez message. If you hang up, it repeatedly calls you back. If you listen all the way to the end, it finishes by saying that Menendez is an embezzler and under criminal investigation.

This is a voter suppression tactic being used nationwide by the GOP. Initially callers will think they are hearing a call from the Menendez campaign asking for support. If they hang up, it will repeatedly call them back. The intention is to annoy the voter so much that they no longer support the candidate. For those who actually listen to the entire call, they are presented with a series of lies and smears against Menendez, also with the intention of suppressing turnout. It's a win-win tactic for them.

The NRCC is doing the same exact thing in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and at least 53 other races across the country.

Terry Nelson is a key GOP operative, a senior advisor to John McCain and someone heavily involved with both Tom Delay and Karl Rove.  This guy breaks the law and gets rewarded for it. Democrats should make election reform a very core part of their agenda for a lot of reasons, but the rampant criminal nature of the Republican operative class is a pretty good rationale.

Now one thing to be aware of is that vote theft is rarely done cleanly.  There are usually signs that unethical people are in charge of a campaign before the vote tampering takes place.  After all, if someone is capable of breaking the law with impunity, that character usually shows up prior to the election.  They don't just become seedy.  There's often a trail of gray area electoral tactics, dishonest mailers and ads, lying robocalls, and a history of flouting FEC or IRS law.

Chris has his checklist for whether we're going to win.  I have my checklist for whether there will be attempted electoral theft.  And check on all of them, for every Republican candidate in the country since the national party is run by a guy promoted because of his penchant for law-breaking, Terry Nelson.

Does this mean I think the election will be stolen?  Well given how much people hate uncertainty, my answer won't satisfy you.  It's hard to tell.  I would lean against it.  And I tend not to believe that Diebold is the most likely way to take votes; good old fashioned voter suppression and ballot box theft is still more reliable and easier for local machines, who are the ones that do it.  But recognize the signs are all there on the right.  These are very bad people.  

Fortunately, there's something you can do about this.  You can get out into the field and help candidates with GOTV.  Go to Do More Than Vote, which has nice lists of opportunities to work, work, work.

Let's blow these people out of the water.  Even Terry Nelson can't stop that.

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Terry Nelson is (really) fired from Wal-Mart

Huffington Post turned out to be early, and right (perhaps utilyzing opportune pressure). Wal-Mart buckled under the pressure and Terry Nelson was fired for helping Scott Howell to create the quasi-racist ad in Tennessee's US Senate race:

WASHINGTON - A prominent Republican political consultant severed his ties with Wal-Mart on Friday night, forced to resign in the fallout over a controversial political ad in Tennessee's Senate campaign.

In submitting his resignation, Terry Nelson said Wal-Mart had "come under political pressure from liberal special interest groups" as well as labor unions. "It's unfortunate that this pressure has had an impact on Wal-Mart."

Yea, it's unfortunate that John McCain still has a racist thug on his payroll too. Scott Howell is also the adman for George Allen in Virginia.

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Terry Nelson: John McCain's aid fired from Walmart for producing racist TV ad

Following up on the Republican admakers post:

Huffington Post has learned that Terry Nelson, a second producer of the racist Corker ad and a consultant to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Wal-Mart, is to be fired by Wal-Mart for his role in producing the ad. Developing...Scott Howell was the other ad producer. The maker of the radio ad for Bob Corker was LA-based Jim Davis.

What is John McCain going to do?

UPDATE FROM MATT: Yes, it's that Terry Nelson. The unindicted co-conspirator in the TRMPAC case and James Tobin's boss in the NH phone-jamming scandal.

Update [2006-10-27 17:49:33 by Jerome Armstrong]:According to labor sources, Huffington Post has it wrong, as Wal-Mart has not fired Nelson yet. In fact, Wal-Mart's spokesperson's comment was "it has nothing to do with us and it would be absurd for us to comment on it." Wal-Mart's got no problem having a Republican consultant that's making racist ads in Tennessee, and implicated in the NH phone-jamming scandal on their payroll.

Update [2006-10-27 20:17:8 by Jerome Armstrong] is launching an ad buy on Monday in Tennessee.

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