Senator Kennedy Undergoing Surgery

Senator Ted Kennedy is reportedly in surgery to remove the malignant brain tumor he was diagnosed with just 2 weeks ago. He's elected to undergo "targeted surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation."

From The AP:

Anthony Coley, a Kennedy spokesman, said the surgery is scheduled to begin around 9 a.m. and expected to last about six hours. He expects to remain at the North Carolina facility for one week to recuperate and then will begin further treatments at Massachusetts General Hospital and start chemotherapy.

"I am deeply grateful to the people of Massachusetts and to my friends, colleagues and so many others across the country and around the world who have expressed their support and good wishes as I tackle this new and unexpected health challenge," Kennedy said in the statement. "I am humbled by the outpouring and am strengthened by your prayers and kindness."

We wish you a succesful surgery and recovery, Senator.

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Farewell, Teddy.

The operation that Ted Kennedy is scheduled to undergo this morning will change him. I know this is true because I have witnessed it when a dear friend had the same diagnosis and treatment a few years back.

The Ted Kennedy we knew and loved will not emerge from the room. Part of him will be there - the essential part that his family will know, but he will be significantly impaired. This is a horrible disease. Let's all keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers today, and mourn the loss that we are going through - in slow motion.

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Sen. Ted Kennedy to have brain surgery today.

Just pulled this from CNN.

He is scheduled to enter surgery at 6AM PST, (9AM EST) which is about an hour and 45 minutes from now.

Lets keep him in our thoughts today, in wishing him a sucessful surgery.

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Open Thread - Sen. Kennedy Racing Sailboats

Some positive news in the Boston Globe:

HYANNIS PORT -- Under pristine skies and with strong gusts, Senator Edward M. Kennedy this afternoon steered his 50-foot schooner from Nantucket to a mooring beside his beach-front compound, leading many of the sailboats in the final leg of the annual Figawi Race.
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It took Kennedy only about 2.5 hours to make the journey across Nantucket Sound in a trip that many thought he wouldn't take after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor last week. He finished second in his division.

Consider this a Memorial Day afternoon open thread. What are people grilling?

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When I was 20

When I was 20 my father collapsed at home and paramedics rush him to the hospital. This was when CAT scans were brand new and we were lucky there was one in the city we lived in then. Well, not so much lucky as we got the bad news a lot faster and with more detail then we ever, ever wanted. Yes he had an tumor. Close to the cerebellum.

The doctors gave us a real long shot that it could be removed and being in shock and weak from crying we told mom we were willing to let them try. She choose to try.

About 3 hours after he went in the surgeon came out and gave us 2 choices.

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