Teddy Kennedy is putting up a new Healthcare Bill... Not Single Payer.

Before we get into this discussion, go toTruthout.org and get the background on Teddy's Bill: http://www.truthout.org.

Now this is a real winner for the Insurance Companies that are already sucking the money out of the Healthcare system and making it more expensive for the majority of us. For one thing, EVERYONE would be required to buy insurance... and those who couldn't afford it would get a government subsidy... your tax money in Insurance company pockets.

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Weekly Pulse: A Timetable for Reform

By Lindsay Beyerstein, TMC MediaWire blogger

Senators Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) have set a timetable for healthcare reform by this fall--a major step on the road to passing legislation this year. The Senators' plan, set out in a letter to President Obama, calls for a bill by June, committee markups over the summer, and a final vote in the fall. (Just in time for delayed-action budget reconciliation, should the Republicans prove recalcitrant.)  

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CKS vs. RFK, Jr. = No winner

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., long active in New York State politics and environmental causes, backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries (as did the rest of his siblings). There was the suspicion of a deal - - he'd get his late father's old Senate seat if Hillary won and left the Senate. As we all know, Hillary lost, but she's leaving the Senate anyway, for the State department.

At the last minute, Caroline (who, along with the Ted Kennedy faction, backed Obama) decided pay back was in order. (But good, progressive pay back, not the dirty Illinois kind of pay back requested by Gov. Blago.)

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Ted Kennedy Collapses

Prayers and thoughts.

http://blogs.abcnews.com/george/2009/01/ kennedy-collaps.html

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Ted Kennedy To Address Convention Tomorrow?

Boston.com is reporting that Senator Ted Kennedy will fly to Denver and appear before the convention Monday:

In a development that is sure to bring the house down, US Senator Edward M. Kennedy is expected to attend the Democratic National Convention, most likely to deliver a speech tomorrow night.
Buzz has built among Massachusetts politicos that Kennedy would come, and today a source close to the family confirmed that he had made a decision to come.

``He is definitely planning to be here,'' said the Kennedy family confidant. ``The whole Kennedy family will be in a special section. It should be quite moment.''

Great news.

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