Remember, This is About Spying On Political Opponents

Georgia10's post on wiretapping hearings being an opportunity to 'go on the offensive on national security' is flat out wrong.  This is about spying on political opposition and journalists.  I detailed six examples of this kind of behavior.

How 'strong' does Kennedy's questioning really look?

In addition, Kennedy will underscore how willing Congress was/is to give the President the tools he needed, and question Gonzales why they parted with history in deciding to circumvent the time honored (and Constitutionally required) system of checks and balances. He will strongly contend that Congress is willing to work with this administration.

In other words, we really really really really want to work with you to catch terrorists.  Why are you doing it all alone you big strong man?

Contrast this with Feingold's rehash of "Give me liberty or give me death." Now that's strength.

The way to attack this program is to show what it's really about - lawbreaking to attack Democrats, journalists, and dissidents. The burden of proof is on Bush to show it isn't.

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