DOL Sec. Elaine Chao's Lies in the WSJ About EFCA

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An Open Letter to DOL Sec. Elaine Chao:

Dear Secretary Chao,

I find it highly disturbing that a Cabinet secretary of the United States, let alone the leader of the Department of Labor, which is tasked with protecting worker rights and wellbeing would lie so blatantly and carelessly when it comes to the Employee Free Choice Act.

And what is truly infuriating is that the labor movement helped create the very department you have bastardized into a tool for the very corporations it was created to guard against. Today it is clear just how far you are willing to go to protect corporations from workers - instead of the other way around.

I wouldn't be surprised if the anti-union talking points you regurgitated in the Wall Street Journal today were crafted by professional fear mongerer Rick Berman and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I am surprised that a Cabinet secretary would publicly display her ignorance of our labor laws - both as they are on the books now, and the proposed changes in EFCA.

Your ignorance is either laughable or malicious. In either case, your words and actions call into question your fitness to lead the Department of Labor.

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DOT Cooking its Stats to Make Mexican Trucks Look Safer

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Despite a massive public outcry, and against the bipartisan will of Congress, the Bush administration will likely sneak the first Mexican trucks across the border in a week or two. Laws be damned, security be damned, public safety be damned.

Don't expect brass bands and flag waving. From the very beginning, the DOT has tried to run this sham "pilot project" under the radar. The first trucks over the border will likely be well inside the U.S. before their certification is even announced. The reason is simple: Allowing Mexican trucks onto U.S. highways violates a 2002 law that, according to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, "prohibited DOT, and more specifically FMCSA, from using funds to review or process applications of Mexican motor carriers seeking long-haul operating authority until 22 preconditions and specific safety requirements were met."

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An Open Letter to The New (low) Standard

This is an open letter to Michelle Chen and the Editorial Staff of The New Standard:

Dear Michelle and Staff,

I have to say that I like what you stand for. I too have often written about the profit-blinders worn by corporate media and longed for a worker-centered voice.

Your masthead states:

TNS strives for accountability and fairness, and to uphold rigorous rules for sourcing, transparency and ethics. With an organizational structure based on equity, solidarity, diversity and self-management, The NewStandard serves grassroots social change with uncompromised journalism and the application of democratic principles at all levels of its operation.

Fine words.

It's unfortunate that you do not live up to them.

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DOT's Experiment Puts Us All at Risk

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On Friday Transportation Secretary Mary Peters unveiled a dangerous experiment. The DOT wants to give 100 Mexican trucking firms full access to U.S. highways.

On the surface you can see why the Teamsters would be against this. It's one more step in the Bush agenda to export good paying American jobs to a foreign country where corporations can fatten their bottom lines by exploiting cheap labor, lax environmental standards and nonexistent regulations.

Some may call us xenophobic or racist. But it's not about race or bigotry. It's about safety. It's about being able to drive down the road with your family and not have to worry about whether the driver in that 18-wheeler in the next lane has slept in the past 20 hours. It's about whether that truck is safe to operate at 65 or 70 miles an hour. It's about whether you can trust anything the Bush administration and Mexican government says.

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Bloggers and Labor: We Need Each Other

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In labor's heyday -- the 1940s and 1950s -- as post-war Americans built the middle class, there were thousands of reporters who covered labor full-time. Today, there are only two full-time labor reporters at metropolitan newspapers in the United States -- Steven Greenhouse of The New York Times and Stephen Franklin of the Chicago Tribune.

This is why labor needs bloggers. This is why the Teamsters are on YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Kos and MyDD. Because while the MSM prattles on about Britney's shaved head, and Anna Nicole's body, hundreds of cases of unfair labor practices and other incidents of worker injustice would otherwise go unreported.

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