Our People-Powered Campaign To Defeat Bachmann Is Coming To Netroots Nation

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Two years ago, in the final days of the 2008 campaign, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on Hardball, and said the words that propelled her to the national stage:

Across the country, you rallied to send a message that Bachmann’s unique brand of divisive rhetoric would not be tolerated. You raised almost a million dollars in a matter of hours for her opponent. And while the campaign fell just short of defeating her in 2008, you knew what you had to do.

You’ve kept vigilant watch as Congresswoman Bachmann has gone under the white-hot spotlights of the cable talk show circuit again and again.

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Who does Michele Bachmann work for?



Over the past few weeks, Michele Bachmann's national tour has criss-crossed the country - to California for TEA Party rallies (while she was there, she missed the House Republican meeting with President Obama), then to Missouri for a conference with Glenn Beck...this week, she visited North Dakota.

Her national travel and pursuit of the spotlight once again leave behind her constituents.  Who does Michele Bachmann work for?

Take a look at our video, share it with your friends, then join our campaign - www.tarrylclark.com

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An Expensive Race Brewing in the MN-06

The nation's most expensive Congressional race in 2010 may turn out to be the one in the Minnesota Sixth Congressional District that stretches the suburbs of the Twin Cities up to St. Cloud currently represented by GOP diva Michele Bachmann. So far, the uber-conservative and not all there Bachmann leads in the fundraising with $617,000 in cash on hand. Not surprising since the Bachmann campaign has expanded its fundraising footprint across the country with Rep. Bachmann a rising if dimwitted star on Fox cable news programs.

Vying to unseat Bachmann are State Senator Tarryl Clark and Dr. Maureen Reed who have combined raised $581,000. Ms. Clark has said she'll drop out if she doesn't land the party endorsement at a district Democratic convention while Dr. Reed hasn't decided whether she'll head to a primary election if passed over for endorsement.

The Star Tribune has more on the race. Learn more about the Democratic-Farm-Labor candidates at Tarryl Clark for Congress and Maureen Reed for Congress.

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