CO-06: Audio Interview w/Bill Winter, Fighting Dem

As promised, Political Interviews is publishing an fascinating interview with Bill Winter.

Winter is running against our best radical anti-immigrationist, Tom Tancredo, and is neck and neck in the race for his District. Winter has a different take on how to organize his campaign using both traditional and grassroots to create a victory.

Take the time and listen to Bill Winter at Political Interviews . It is available in Flash Audio onsite or as a download for your mp3 player.

Also I've published one of the Bill Winter Video infomercials on National Security. As a Fighting Dem, he served 10 years. It's very impressive piece. It's on Flash Video so there is no download or player necessary.

He has a lot of video and audio on site. I encourage you to spend sometime there to see the power of the mediums and learn more of a fine candidate.

This is a good candidate. Bill Winter said the best place to support his candidacy is the contribution page on his site. I hope many do so.

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BILL WINTER, CO-06: How can the netroots help a progressive candidate?

I am cross posting this from Daily Kos--I hope I am doing this correctly.  BGW

    Conventional political wisdom suggest that a political candidate should be cautious and play things close to the vest. Well, as a guy who spent 10 years with the Navy and Marine Corps, caution is not my most obvious attribute. You may have heard that Marines tend to charge in where even angels fear to tread, and that's certainly true about me. Were it not so I wouldn't even be running for Congress in Colorado against Tom Tancredo.

    And so, my diary today is an open challenge to the netroots, and my question is this: What value do you offer to a progressive candidate like me?

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What is a hero? Bill Winter for Congress (CO-06)

Just the other day I saw a movie called "Glory Road". You should go see it. It's why I coach and it's why I'm in this campaign.

Because in the end coaching isn't about the game. It's about what you learn about yourself from the game, and it's about the difference you can make in people's lives by being part of the game!

I'm inspired!

Just over two weeks ago I went to Washington for the first big event for the Veterans for a Secure America-the group of Veterans running for Congress as Democrats this year. There's been much written already about this group of patriots, and the word "hero" has been used many times already. But when I look at the photo of Senator Max Cleland and my friend, Karen Meredith, a gold star mom, on stage with me after the press conference, and the photo of Karen and I with John Murtha in the halls of Congress, I can't help but ponder what it really means to be a hero. And I come to the conclusion that I am not a hero, and that's okay. Let me explain.

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What do we stand for?

As a progressive candidate for the U.S. Congress I have read with great interest the various thoughts and opinions on the various blogs. I just finished reading Matt Stoller's piece on the Ciro Rodriguez campaign in Texas and Matt's cynicism toward candidates in general. I don't blame him. I've never run for a political office before in my life, and just two short months ago I was just now another opinion on the street.

Then I was recruited for and announced my candidacy for Colorado's 6th Congressional District against Tom Tancredo and overnight I gained a credibility I never had before. What a curious phenomenon. At any rate a couple of comments in Matt's post led me to some thoughts I hope to share here.

Let me first say that I am new to all of this and I don't know all the rules and protocols of blogging, so if I offend in some way, it isn't intentional. Unlike the current inhabitant of the White House, I have no problem admitting when I don't know something, or when I'm wrong. In fact, I view the ability to grow and learn and admit mistakes as character strengths, not character flaws.

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