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Updates (Chris): Click here for DuPage and here for Cook County.
  • With 470 of 521 precincts reporting, Duckworth leads 12,541--11,903.

  • With 436 of 521 precincts reporting, Duckworth leads 11,650--11,142.

  • With 394 of 521 precincts reporting, Duckworth leads 10,585--10,131. Still very close.

  • Over at Hotline on Call, Joshua Green writes:It's nearing 11 PM in Illinois and with roughly 66 percent of the vote in, Dick Durbin looks about 66 less boisterous. This is a much closer race than expected. Duckworth and Cegelis are essentially running dead even in DuPage County (399 total precincts), and Duckworth has a slight lead in Cook County (130 precincts). Best estimates are that Duckworth has an overall lead of less than 400 votes. The media has finally picked up on the tension and every station is running live shots, the multiple floodlights collectively brightening the room by a good 5,623,421 watts. It's blissfully warm and, in the reigning local-TV cliche of the evening, "You can cut the tension with a knife!" Now back to you in the studio.
  • CQ Politics is now reporting 42.79% for Duckworth, 40.92% for Cegalis, with 64% reporting.

  • With 279 of 399 reporting in DuPage, Duckworth now leads 7,501--7,489. Lordy, lordy. I don't know what the latest totals from Cook County are.

  • Can I just say that, never in my entire time blogging eleciton returns, I have never seen more commenters, both here and at Dailykos, suggest bad election return websites? The amount of ineffective websites I have been directed towards is really stunning.

  • With 56% reporitng overall, Hotline On Call reports a 43.2 to 41.3% lead for Duckworth. Still very close.

  • With 237 of 399, Cegalis takes the lead in DuPage by 32 votes. I'm still having trouble finding a good Cook County site.

  • OK, the Tribune page is indeed behind. With 193 of 399 reporting in DuPage, Duckworth leads by 20 votes. Not 20%, 20 votes. Duckworth leads by about 300 votes in Cook County, I believe. this is going to be a real nailbiter.

  • With 26% reporting, Duckworth leads 43.86 to 39.67 , but I have just received a phone call that implies with around 48% reporting, it is a lot closer than that.

  • With 6% reporting, it could hardly be closer. Duckworth leads 1,444 to 1,434. Lindy has a surprising (at least to me) 18.9% of the vote.

Josh Green has a post on the IL-06 election today.

Early word from the locals is to expect a late night: Cook County, which encompasses part of the sixth, has just switched over to touch screen and optical scan voting machines, and the training for precinct workers apparently left much to be desired. So while polls close at 7 p.m. Local time, results are privately expected to be much later than normal...possibly not till 11 p.m. Or later if the race is close.

Another possible factor: weather. In classic Chicago style it is cold, windy, and there's even a bit of snow. Not yet clear if that will affect voter turnout, or just the mood of certain DC correspondents in town for the race who took far too literally the news that today is the first day of spring.

Lots and lots of bitterness in district.  Use this as your open thread, and try to be nice.

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Illinois primary Results

For my fellow political junkies I have attached the web link for the Dupage County IL BOE so that you may join me in monitoring the IL 6th primary.

Since coming up short in Texas 28, this seems the next stop for those like me who want to bring a more progressive presence to the Democratic Party in 2006.  Go Christine!  and for our Vets Laesch too in a neighboring district!

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Illinois primary Results

For all the junkies like me we have our next point of interest to bring the Progressive movement closer to the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.  We came up short in Texas 28, now we have Illinois 6th!  Here is the web address to the Dupage County BOE for election night results:

Go Christine, Go Laesch! There are three other Democratic Congressional primaries as well.

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Duckworth and the DCCC: myth debunked [Updated]

The past couple months, there have been many accusations from people (including myself) of the DCCC recruiting giving support to Tammy Duckworth while ignoring Christine Cegelis.  The argument from many Duckworth supporters is that the DCCC was not getting involved, it was just individuals who happen to run the DCCC (like Rahm Emmanuel) who decided to jump in on their own.

I think today's online chat with DCCC Executive Director has cleared up that controversy.  In that brief chat, he took the opportunity to mention Duckworth's name specifically three times, in response to two different questions.  One of the questions was about veterans running for congress, so I'll let that one slide (even though he didn't make mention of the other 50 or so Fighting Dems), but the other question was specifically about Patrick Murphy in PA-08.

I'm a huge Duckwroth fan. Check out her website -- -- and recent THIS WEEK WITH GEORGE appearance

I hope this clears up any confusion of whether the DCCC is or is not supporting Tammy Duckworth.

[Update] jakester points out the money quote that I somehow missed:"We have been actively working with veterans running for Congress. We couldn't be more proud and excited about people like Tammy Duckworth and Patrick Murphy to name a few. Helping them build good teams, providing strategic advice, and building the resources necessary to run a modern campaign." The text of the chat is available here.

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Duckworth's Photo-op Takes Advantage of a Non-Profit

I've complained about Duckworth showing up in my mailbox and no where else - to the tune of four mailers in a little over three weeks now. So imagine my surprise to hear that Duckworth had an event at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital right here in the district. I guess my surprise was only matched by that of Marianjoy's CEO's when she found out that there was a political event being held at her facility:

There's nothing Kathleen Yosko likes more than publicity for Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital.

But not when it's tied to a political event.

That's why the CEO of the Wheaton hospital is clarifying Marianjoy's position following a highly publicized tour there Feb. 16 by 6th Congressional Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth.


The hospital gives frequent tours, and that's all Yosko thought she was providing.

Instead, a posse of television, radio and print reporters followed Duckworth and Cleland around the hospital. Midpoint, the two held a news conference chastising the Bush administration for failures on health care issues.

So not only was this "event" not listed on Duckworth's campaign site so district resident could have come out and asked her questions in person, but her campaign didn't even bother to tell the facility they dragged the media to for a photo op that they intended to do so!

Why is this a big deal? Because Marianjoy is a non-profit:

That wasn't on the agenda, Yosko said.

"She was invited as a disabled veteran not as a candidate. I was taken aback by the level of media there," she said.

As a not-for-profit organization, Marianjoy has tax-exempt status but as a result cannot engage in political activities.

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