The Democratic leadership never learns

Rahm Emanuel told us that Tammy Duckworth was more "electable" than Christine Cegelis because of Duckworth's service in Iraq, and her sacrifice.  I said at the time that Republicans always attack candidates on their strength.  They've been doing it for years, but the Democratic leadership still hasn't caught on.

From Talking Points Memo:

GOP candidate Roskam accuses Democratic opponent Duckworth of wanting to 'cut and run' in Iraq.

Duckworth, a double amputee, lost both legs while serving in Iraq.

Carolyn Kay

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I'm not sure who this is trying to convince, but this mail piece is xenophobic and unpersuasive.  Didn't we learn in 2002 and 2004 that uniforms don't convince people that Democrats make good Republicans?


Update: There's some great stuff in the comments. Here's the direct mail piece Duckworth is responding to:

And here's an article about immigrants moving into the district.

Since this post generated some heated discussion, let me clarify. I am personally against immigrant-bashing, which I see as veiled racism. Long term, the use of racism in our party is a terrible political and moral problem. I also don't think this ad works, for a lot of reasons, but the primary one is that the liberal heroic narrative has nothing to do with being mean to other people. If you use a right-wing heroic narrative as a Democrat, it is unlikely to do anything but sacrifice your own credibility as a candidate. If the goal of this mail piece is to turn off Republican voters who are worried about Duckworth's moderate stance on immigration, the right message is to attack Roskam and the Republican Party's credibility on the issue. The conservative base is quite upset that the GOP hasn't been able to get anything done on immigration, and if you are able to convince them that both parties are the same, you can drive down GOP turnout. Which is a more persuasive argument to a right-winger? Bush and the Republicans aren't conservative enough and can't get anything done, or Tammy Duckworth is a hardliner on immigration even though she backs McCain-Kennedy and will vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker?

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Tammy Duckworth gives Peter Roskam a truth smackdown

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A little birdie sent me these graphics of Tammy's mailers that are set to hit on Tuesday. Kisses to my source!

The RNCC has been repeatedly carpet bombing the district with several mailers a week. So-called Austin Mayor has chronicled them nicely.

All I have to say is GO GIRL! These are great. I love the bit about Peter Roskam being a "personal injury lawyer and career politician".

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The Elephants Are Forgetting...

we've talked a lot about the changing electorate in IL 6 at soapblox/chicago over the past year.  one of the aspects that we've discussed has been the fact that people from the city where moving into the district and taking their democratic voting habits with them.  for anyone who's canvassed in the 6th, at least before the primary, you could tell the difference between these new residents and the long-time democratic residents who were their neighbors.  the new democrats assumed that there were others like them, and sort of expected to be contacted by democratic campaigns, while the old dems were likely to tell you that you wouldn't find another democrat on their block.  plus, the old democrats were grateful to be contacted; the new dems not so much.

another aspect of this changing dynamic could be found this week in this (pdf) release.  the chicago sun-times sums it up this way:

The number of foreign-born U.S. citizens jumped by nearly 38 percent in the suburbs over the last five years -- leaping almost 50 percent in DuPage County alone.

but these always seemed incomplete explanations to me.  today, we get word that party identification among republicans is down, again.  

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Duckworth Opponent Roskam Wants MORE GUNS on Suburban Streets

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but the 6th Congressional District of Illinois may elect a new Congressman that is even more conservative on gun control issues than Henry Hyde.

In today's Daily Herald, ( story.asp?id=207984) Roskam came out OPPOSING A BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS, which even Hyde supports.

Of course, this would be par for the course for a candidate that walks precincts with the NRA.  ( .aspx?ID=8)  Conspicuous how they don't mention Roskam's name, isn't it?  The original invitation was all about Roskam, including a special campaign brief for members.

Who has more credibility on gun issues?  Tammy Duckworth, who knows the difference between assault weapons and guns that are appropriate for hunting or Peter Roskam, who supports laissez faire gun laws.

Just another example of the lobbyists propping up dangerous candidates for their dangerous ends.

Y'all should check out Tammy. (  Now that's a real war hero who knows what guns can, and should, do.

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