The Sordid Stains of Zbigniew Brzezninski

As of late, someone from Camp Obama - a surrogate of Sen. Obama - has dredged up Monica's blue dress drivel. I believe it's safe to say that topic has been covered at length. However, if we're going to talk about stains - let's talk about Sen. Obama's foreign policy adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski and his stains upon credibility. And decency.

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OBAMA + Pakistan's Democracy / Extremism? - Statement - Senate Committee Foreign Relations 7-25-07

The full statement on Pakistan is listed here from the july 25th 2007 hearing at the senate foreign relations committee = /post/danielleclarke/CpFC

I belive Barack has not just reacted to Hillarys statement at the last YOUTUBE DEBATE but he is using what he has learned to help let the people of Pakistan understand that he is a potential candidate who will take action and it can be good and it can be bad depending on their actions in the upcoming elections.

Now this was not what many expected to hear from Barack. Especially after coming out on top after the Clinton/Obama fued.

To me it tells me Barack has decided that letting the Pakistan people know what is going on and by making it public
(which to many may have hurt Barack in the primaries)
 that the future president is willing to help with 5 billion dollars in aid to that region. This is important because they do need funding for stability. Barack knows that much has been lost due to all the funds going to the war in Iraq. This i am sure hurts Barack. He knows Bush had a chance at doing great things in afghanistan and Pakistan but that was detored with the Iraq war.

I know, this was a shock to me, a supporter, to see his statements about invading Pakistan, but now that i have read the "full report", i am proud of Barack, for doing whats right, versus just trying to win an election.

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What Obama actually said about fighting terrorism (Cross Post)

I am crossposting this Daily Kos diary by Geekesque at DK with permission: What Obama actually said about fighting terrorism.

Crossposted diary follows. If you have questions, it would be preferable to post them in Geekesque's original diary at DKos.


What Obama actually said about fighting terrorism

by Geekesque, Wed Aug 01, 2007 at 07:51:41 AM PDT

Barack Obama was scheduled to give a speech today on his national security/defense/anti-terrorism policy today.

There's going to be a lot of distortion of what he said, so I thought I'd launch a 'preemptive strike' and detail what he's actually saying.  

The details below the fold.

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Robertson on the South Korean Hostages

From Schmitz Blitz:

The South Korean hostage story was also the top news story on tonight's 700 Club. Key point to in story according to the viewpoint of CBN: the hostages are evangelical missionaries.

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dick cheney, sock puppet

(cross-posted at glad you asked)

i guess now that his "former hill staffer" and former right hand man is waiting for a jury of his peers to decide said staffer's fate, our cartoon-villain vice president is stuck pimping his own "background" ...

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