John "Troop Killer" Cornyn's Numbers Suck in Latest SUSA Poll

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I'd like to draw everyone's attention to Box Turtle's most recent SUSA polling numbers:

Do you approve or disapprove of the job John Cornyn is doing as United States Senator?

SUSA sampled 600 adults on March 9-11, and released the numbers a few days ago.  Let's keep in mind that these numbers are from before Cornyn's pro-troop-killing vote on March 22.

Clearly, with numbers under 50% nearly a year from the Republican primary and nearly two years before the election, Cornyn is vulnerable

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Introducing the Man Who Will Beat John Cornyn

From the diaries. Longtime readers will remember Richard Morrison from his 2004 race against Tom DeLay. He ran one of the strongest netroots campaigns in that cycle. Jerome

In 2004, when I challenged Tom Delay at the height of his power, it was seen as a fool's errand.  The Majority Leader of the House was considered unassailable.

I and my campaign team assailed him nonetheless, because it was a job that needed doing. When  we held him to 55%, it was clear that Fortress Delay had more than a few cracks.

In 2008, we have another job that needs doing.  Time to replace John Cornyn in the Senate.  And Cornyn's numbers show him to be vulnerable to a strong, people-powered  candidate from the Democratic side.

Is there such a candidate?  I believe there is.   I'm asking you to help me draft him into the service of his state and his country once again.

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Stop the Debate, Loose in '08

That should be our slogan for the next 20 months.

The following people deserve to be defeated in 2008, and here's my advice to Senator Schumer on who can defeat them;

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TX-Sen: Texas Needs Your Help

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The opportunities here in Texas are staring us all in the face:

  • Texas is historically a Democratic state.
  • Statewide, Republicans are in a free-fall.
  • The President is leading this plunge and Kay Bailey Hutchison is irrevocably tied to him.
  • A victory here in Texas will put paid to the Bush administration.

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MyDD Conversation with TX-Sen Candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky

This week, I had the opportunity to chat with Barbara Ann Radnofsky over the telephone about her challenge to incumbent Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Texas Senate race.

Radnofsky and I covered a range of issues during our conversation, including judges, corruption, Iraq, immigration and why the progressive blogosphere should get involved in the campaign. You can listen to the interview here (warning: a large .wav) or read the rush transcript below.

Jonathan Singer: How vulnerable is Kay Bailey Hutchison?

Barbara Ann Radnofsky: Hutchison is very vulnerable to someone like Radnofsky. Already dropped 17 points since June of '05 when she stood at 70. She was at 64 in January and now she's at 53. She's sinking.

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