Of White Guys & Sectaries of Ag

The current list of potential Sec of Ag that is floating around DC is hard to believe.

Charles Stenholm is a registered federal lobbyist and represented the horse slaughter industry.  Two strikes and he's off the list.

The other white males are part of the old the mid-west paradigm; gown more corn and soybeans then wait for the USDA check to arrive in the mail box.

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The Coming Oil Bubble

The following interview was published by Venster, a Shell Oil Co. Dutch-language magazine produced for circulation internally with in the company. The interview is with Shell Oil Company's CEO, Jeroen van der Veer, and was translated into English by Rembrandt Koppelaar, president of ASPO-NL and contributing Editor to the Oil Drum: Europe. I acquired the interview from a Blog post to the European Tribune that had added commentary by Jerome a Paris. For this Blog I am not using Paris' commentary but have removed his and added my own. I have rewritten some of the translation to correct some of the improperly written English. I made sure that none of my changes had any affect on the meaning of the translation.

The purpose of this post is to point out a very disturbing trend in oil pricing. There has been much speculation in the media and in the blog sphere that the price of oil today reflects a shortening of supply directly attributed to peak-oil having been reached. The interview with Jeroen van der Veer indicates something radically different is going on. My speculation is that he is right and that the consequences could be dire if unheeded.

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