Deadly "wrong door" Paramilitary Police Raids in USA

Map of Botched Paramilitary Police Raids

The Map Key includes:

Death of an innocent

Raid on an innocent suspect

Death or injury of a police officer

Other examples of paramilitary police excess

Death of a nonviolent offender

Unnecessary raids on doctors and sick people


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Bill Richardson Roundup: News of the Week in Review

This was a significant week in Bill Richardson's campaign for President, with a major address in Washington D.C. at the Take Back America Conference on climate change and how to end the bloodshed in Iraq.  

It was also a significant week for peace and stability in Korea and Asia - which highlights Richardson's expertise in foreign affairs and his diplomatic skills. With Richardson as President we get two for the price of one - a can-do leader on domestic issues and an experienced diplomat that knows how to bring people and nations together.

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Is the War for the Court Lost?

Tom Goldstein writes at the indispensible SCOTUSblog that the war for control of the Supreme Court is over, and the right has prevailed.

The fact that Justices' Ginsburg and Stevens dissented from the bench in three cases - twice in late-May and early-June after all the votes had been cast - strongly suggests an exceptionally high level of frustration on the left. (Neither does such a thing lightly.) It seems entirely possible that the remaining cases involving, for example, challenges to public funding of programs with religious components (Hein), search and seizure (Brendlin), and the environment (Defenders of Wildlife) all will be decided five-to-four, with Justice Kennedy siding with the conservatives.

If that happens -- and I think it is likely that it (or something close to it) will -- the President will have gotten with his appointments precisely the Court he sought and that liberals feared. We can already count on conservative rulings on race, abortion, campaign finance, and the death penalty, and may be able to add to that religion, the Fourth Amendment, and the environment. It would be a memorable Term indeed.

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SCOTUS: We Need More Dead Baby Jokes

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Obama Nails Conservative Majority on Supreme Court

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Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comBarack Obama, straight off the heels of the most impressive grassroots Q1 effort in history, released this searing statement today in response to the Supreme Court decision regarding partial birth abortion. And he did it in spectacular fashion, going much farther than simply saying he disagreed.

Obama is stepping up and tying this unpopular decision right around the conservative Supreme Court's neck!

Full statement below...

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