Moscow Suicide Bombing Tragic, Raises Brows

An unfortunate suicide bombing, now being referred to as a terrorist attack, occurred early today in Moscow, Russia.  Russia is known for its large mob population, imparticular Moscow, but terrorism and suicide attacks have been relatively dormant over the years.  This comes to a surprise to many of the Russian people and American people alike.

Here is a brief statement from The New York Times

Female suicide bombers set off huge explosions in two subway stations in central Moscow during the Monday morning rush hour, Russian officials said, killing more than three dozen people and raising fears that the Muslim insurgency in southern Russia was once again being brought to the country’s heart.

These attacks are awful and unfortunate, but also raises some eyebrows.  Obviously an attack like this is horrific and surprising, but rarely do you see an attack like this carried out by female insurgents.  Generally, the terrorist attacks Americans associate with are enacted by males.  I have said several times that we cannot label any one group as more prone to carry out such attacks as these, and this is why.  

These tumultuous times for Russia need to be met with warm cooperation from the United States. Prime Minister, and likely to be President Elect again in 2012, Vladimir Putin had this to say

Mr. Putin vowed that "the terrorists will be destroyed."

Violence is never the answer, nor should it be.  The United States and Russia have had some rocky roads in the past, but union must be restored in the faces of domestic dangers such as these.  Although this insurgency was prompted by domestic concerns with Chechnyan issues, the matter of terrorism transcends this.  Hopefully we can work together to stop these things from happening again.



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