NM-02 - Former Congressman Steve Pearce To Seek His Old Seat

In New Mexico's Second Congressional District which covers the southern half of the Land of Enchantment, former GOP Congressman Steve Pearce announced plans to seek his old seat back. Mr. Pearce held the seat for three terms (2003-2009). In 2008, he was the Republican candidate for US Senate race, a race he lost to  Democrat Tom Udall.

The seat is now held by Congressman Harry Teague, a Democrat and a former oil company executive, who took 55% of the vote over his GOP challenger, Ed Tinsley.

The district has traditionally leaned Republican and it includes Hobbs, Roswell, Carlsbad, Las Cruces and the southern fourth of Albuquerque. Congressman Teague is the first Democrat to represent the Second Congressional District in 28 years.

From KDBC-El Paso/Las Cruces:

Steve Pearce of Hobbs, who represented New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District for three terms, wants the job again.

Pearce announced Monday he is signing paperwork to seek the Republican nomination for the seat he gave up last year to run for the U.S. Senate.

Pearce did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

Last week, he said that he was trying to decide whether to run for governor or Congress, but would do what was best for the Republican Party.

Pearce lost in November to Democrat Tom Udall to fill the seat being vacated by longtime Sen. Pete Domenici.

Democrat Harry Teague succeeded Pearce in the southern New Mexico district.

Pearce, in an e-mail sent by People for Pearce, says he is disappointed in Teague's voting record in his first six months in office.

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New Mexico: Week In Review (March 1 Edition)

Not quite as big a news roundup as last week. The start of the week was a bit slow, but the pace picked up near the end of the week.  Nothing as big as last week which featured the end of operations at the Albuquerque Tribune (still weird to walk by a newspaper machine at 3:00 in the afternoon and see a Journal staring out at you), but still some news happened.


There were two Presidential match-up polls released this week for the state of New Mexico, and both showed Senator Barack Obama did better than Senator Hillary Clinton against Senator John McCain.  But both polls painted drastically different general election pictures.

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NM-02: Meet Bill McCamley. He's Running for Congress.

Second Congressional District candidate Bill McCamley made another outreach to the netroots today with the release of two YouTube videos.  You can watch them at Bill McCamley's YouTube channel WatchBill.

The first video is of McCamley at the Democratic State Party Convention (the convention highjacked by Tom Udall's announcement that he'll need another couple weeks to decide if he'll run for Senate).  McCamley quickly pointed out he has been running for months, and he is running because "Steve Pearce represents all that is bad in Washington to people in this room." Not just the people in that room, McCamley.

More under the fold.

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Udall Needs to Step Up

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The Movement to Draft Tom Udall to run for the United States Senate from New Mexico is getting more and more attention everyday, including from the national press.

Shortly after Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) announced that he would not seek re-election, Congressman Udall too abruptly announced that he would not seek the seat in 2008. Most people attribute this move to his new seat on the House Appropriations committee, making him one of the most powerful Members in Congress.

The top-tier Democratic Candidate instead? A DINO! Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez might not even deserve to be called a Moderate. Matt Stoller over at Open Left has done two really great pieces on Marty and why he cannot be our Democratic Candidate from New Mexico. (Please, No Marty Chavez for Senate and New Mexico: Reactionary Democrats Can't Run Campaigns).

Chavez has not only endorsed Republicans in New Mexico before, but he seems to be running scared even of Tom Udall, who already took his name out of the race:

"Philosophically, he's so far to the left," Chávez said. "I'd rather not have him in the race, but that's a challenge I'd not shy away from."

This isn't what anyone wants to hear or see from a Democratic candidate for Senate.  For someone who has said,

"I think I get a bad rap from progressives,"

mudslinging against other popular Dems in the state who aren't even running against you is a sure sign of insecurity and audacious.

But Tom Udall is a real progressive and is well respected across the state. Not only that, but a recent SurveyUSA poll has him destroying Republican opponents in the general election (see more below the fold, including his numbers compared with Martin Chavez's).

New Mexicans and people across the country are responding: since the beginning of the effort, we have been asking for small donations of $5 to show the Congressman broad support. Since then, the netroots have given over $1,100!

Four days ago, the Draft also featured about 400 petition signatures. That day, we changed the strategy, including a petition question asking people to pledge money for the Congressman's Senate campaign account; since then another $1,200 has been pledged! (Sign the petition here)

Yesterday, the Draft was featured on page A2 of the Washington Post in an article by Chris Cillizza. It makes sense why the Draft is getting so much attention. It's not because of our fancy html (it's really not) but because Tom Udall is a first rate choice to run for the Senate. As Cillizza writes,

Udall has held northern New Mexico's 3rd District seat since 1998 and has stockpiled an impressive cash reserve, $802,000, that could be directly transferred to a Senate bid. He carries a potent last name in Democratic politics: His father, Stewart L. Udall, represented Arizona in Congress and was secretary of the interior; uncle Morris K. Udall was another Arizona congressman and a presidential candidate; and cousin Mark Udall is a congressman from Colorado who also happens to be running for Senate in 2008.

The most encouraging piece of the article, however, was this:

The fact that Udall is not currently reconsidering the race does not mean he won't do just that in the coming weeks. Democratic insiders acknowledge as much in not-for-attribution conversations with The Sunday Fix.

Days before, The Draft Udall was given coverage in The Hill, a special newspaper circulated in Washington, DC to every office in Congress. None of this would be possible, of course, without the strong backing of the netroots since the start. See the Draft Udall Around the Web page to track the various articles and blog posts written about the movement over the past month.

Many supporters of the Draft sent emails applauding the efforts to collect $5 donations but lamented that they'd rather not contribute to his account unless he's really committed; now we're changing the strategy.

We're going to send an even stronger message! Sign the Petition and tell Congressman Udall how much you'll pledge if he runs for the US Senate ($2,300 is the Federal campaign limit). If you don't, NMFBIHOP points out, we might face the problem of having Martin Chavez as our Senator. Or even worse, Wilson or Pearce.

As promised, here are Congressman Udall and Mayor Martin Chavez's poll numbers versus Republicans in the general election:

Against Republican candidate Steven Pearce, Congressman from New Mexico's 2nd District:
  •    Pearce loses to Congressman Tom Udall by 18 points
  •    defeats Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez by 21 points

Against Republican candidate Heather Wilson, Congresswoman from New Mexico's 1st Congressional District:

  •    Wilson loses to Udall by 18 points (same as Pearce),
  •    defeats Chavez by 4 points (Wilson runs 17 points weaker than Pearce)

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NM-02: Domenici Retirement Fallout

Sen. Pete Domenici's retirement has set off a political domino effect all the way down the line of New Mexico politics.  Potential Gubernatorial races, Congressional races and even State House and Senate races have and will be affected by the Senator's announcement of a resignation.

Previously, I have discussed the effects on the First Congressional District and the Senate race itself.  Tomorrow, I will discuss the current and potential effects on the Gubernatorial race.  Now, I will discuss the Second Congressional District race and how Domenici's retirement has and will affect the race.

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