John Edwards should offer Colbert a delegate

There is no doubt that Edwards has played along with the Stephen Colbert Presidential Candidacy more than any other candidate.  Not only did his campaign send a letter to the editor of South Carolina's The State humorously criticizing Colbert's Dorito's backing as leaving his "hands are stained by corporate corruption and nacho cheese." He also directly said that "I kind of like Colbert on the ballot myself [...] I think it adds a little bit of interest. I like it though. I think it's fun."

With the South Carolina Democratic Party refusing to put Colbert's name on the ballot, Edwards has been given a wonderful opportunity to get some free, positive press, appeal to the Colbert crowd, and simply do the right thing for the Democratic Party.

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Rock the Vote & Stephen Colbert Group Register 4,000+ Voters...And Counting

Cross-posted from the Rock the Vote Blog

The media has been touting the phenomenal growth of Stephen Colbert's Facebook group, which was created by high school student Raj Vachhani after Colbert announced his plan to run for president in South Carolina. In a mere eight days the group boasted a million members, and is currently shooting above 1.2 million.

Aside from an amazing membership count, this pop culture phenomenon has made a real political impact: more than 4,300 members have registered to vote via the group since Vachhani added a link to Rock the Vote on Thursday night (Oct. 24). That's about one registration per minute.

In fact, Rock the Vote's online registration capability is open to everyone. Sign up for a free account to track voter registrations through your own blog or website. We'll generate an embeddable registration form (aka "widget") that you can customize with a logo, and you'll even have access to the list of people you register so you can remind them to vote on Election Day.

Sound cool? Try it out. We would love to hear your feedback, too. Of course, you can always post a simple link to our online registration page if you prefer.

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Edwards Evening News Roundup: 200th Edition!

This is the 200th edition of the Edwards Evening News Roundup, or what you might call the Roundup of Roundups Edition!

But first before beer and cake comes the News:

  • Edwards Campaign Strikes Back at Truthiness Troll Stephen Colbert

  • Iowa Caucus Date Set for January 3

  • Edwards Proposal to Stop Misleading Drug Marketing

  • Beer, Cake, and the Roundup of Roundups

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Edwards Vs. Colbert


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Colbert Pulls in Double-Digits -- But Not Necessarily from Dems

Rasmussen Reports has done some polling on three-way matchups including Stephen Colbert as a third party candidate. Lo and behold, at least according to the survey, Colbert pulls in strong numbers -- and doesn't seem to cost the Democrats much support (at least relative to the GOP). Take a look:

Giuliani (R)35Thompson (R)34Clinton (D)45Clinton (D)46Colbert (I)13Colbert (I)12

Over at Open Left Chris Bowers picks out an interesting tidbit from the poll: Republicans actually run third behind Clinton and Colbert among younger voters, a truly remarkable development. From Rasmussen's poll write up:

Colbert does particularly well with the younger voters most likely to be watching his show and therefore most aware of his myriad presidential-like qualities. In the match-up with Giuliani and Clinton, Colbert draws 28% of likely voters aged 18-29. He draws 31% of that cohort when his foes are Thompson and Clinton. In both match-ups, Colbert has more support with young voters than the GOP candidate.

In truth, I'm sure that these results are at least as indicative of the public's discomfort with the GOP at this point and their general openness to a third party candidacy as it is a reflection on Colbert in particular. Nevertheless, that Colbert's (at least seemingly) sarcastic presidential bid draws so much support and drags named Republican candidates down into the mid-30s -- and into third place among younger voters -- speaks to a real weakness of the GOP today.


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