Steny Hoyer, Weakling

Aravosis is right. Steny Hoyer is a degraded, deluded, pathetic man.  He's a pro-war, pro-cartel, anti-freedom right-wing Democrat.  

Hoyer's defense of the President against Steven Colbert may seem small, but it's just a symbol of a person reflexively defending 'the insiders' club' that has failed us so miserably.

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DCCC , DSCC Money Problems

From the Hotline:

Cmte      Raised     Spent      CoH
RNC       $10.8       $8.9      $40.8
DNC        $6.2       $4.1       $8.9
NRCC       $5.4       $4.3      $20.8
DCCC       $3.1       $2.5      $16.3
NRSC**     $5.5       $2.5      $14.5
DSCC       $3.8       $1.8      $27.4

Combined GOP Cmte Cash-on-Hand: $76.1M
Combined Dem Cmte Cash-on-Hand: $52.6M

The DCCC and the DSCC aren't raising as much money as the NRCC and NRSC.  This is probably because the large dollar donors angry at Dean who flooded to the committees have hit tapped out McCain-Feingold limits, and the smaller donors aren't interested in supporting leaders like Rahm Emanuel who are fighting tooth and nail against a coherent Iraq strategy.

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The House Leadership Vacuum

Atrios highlights an important article in the Washington Post today.  Ostensibly, the article is about the Republicans in 1994, but it touches on some very key themes, such as how leadership is promoted within the two parties.  The article discusses the 'Gang of 7' backbenchers on the GOP and asks the very good question of why there is no gang for the Democrats.

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