What's the Matter with Hillary?

I write this in all sincerity.  This is not snarky.  I am truly baffled by her behavior the last few days.  Has anyone else noticed?

Perhaps the Hillary supporters have some insights on what is going on.

Twice in the last 3 days, Hillary Clinton has pulled a disappearing act at what would seem important moments in her campaign.

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The State of Some Other Nation Speech

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A Senator From IL Gets The Last Word On The SOTU

Just found this on YouTube, from Sen. Dick Durbin, in response to tonight's State Of The Union address.  

First impression: Short and to the point, and on message.  Thank you, Senator.  

Second impression:  Thank God that he had a faster teleprompter than Gov. Sebelius did earlier. (ha ha)

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A Last State of the Union

Many have already pointed out the very good news that this was the last State of the Union address for George W. Bush. One point I haven't heard mentioned -- one that I think deserves both trumpeting -- is that this was the last State of the Union address for the 30 Republican Congressmen and Senators who have already announced that they would be retiring (either at the end of this cycle or during this session of Congress), the handful more who have yet to announce their retirement but likely will in the coming days or weeks, and the dozens more who will likely find themselves out of a job following the November 4 elections.

We may be an awfully long time away from Thanksgiving, but we have an awful lot to be thankful for today. But let's sprint, not saunter, to election day.

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MyDD Blog Talk Radio -- State of the Union Edition

MyDD Blog Talk Radio returns again tonight as co-hosts Adam Conner and Aaron Banks will be joining me tonight to talk about tonight's State of the Union address, George W. Bush's last -- and the last of a whole lot of Republican members of Conress.

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We're going to have a great program tonight, so make sure to listen in and, if the mood strikes you right, give us a jingle.

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Update [2008-1-28 22:30:29 by Todd Beeton]:Hahaha. Chris Matthews tells John McCain that the speech that they just spent a half hour criticizing was "his speech."

Update [2008-1-28 22:32:50 by Todd Beeton]:McCain provides his own oppo ad: "I did more than anyone else to help get this president elected in 2004."

Update [2008-1-28 22:36:35 by Todd Beeton]:Barack Obama on the SOTU: "A mismatch between the size of our challenges and the smallness of the solutions proposed."

Update [2008-1-28 22:43:23 by Todd Beeton]:Barack: "Florida is a beauty contest...Once I'm the nominee, I'll spend a lot of time campaigning in Florida."

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