Not schadenfreude at all...

Some have suggested that the recent discovery that both South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford and Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign were having extra-marital affairs would be schadenfreude (joy at the suffering of others), and I have to disagree.  Likewise, the exposure of New York Democratic Governor Elliot Spitzer's visits with prostitutes is no cause for schadenfreude either.

There is no joy in the broken hearts and damaged relationships.  No joy in the dishonesty, the deceit, the contempt, the lack of respect for their partners and voters.  No joy in the hypocrisy that both of these Republicans pilloried then Democratic President Bill Clinton when he was caught having an affair in the 1990s, and now both have participated in the very same activity that they themselves claimed was reprehensible and grounds for impeachment.

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Are all the journalists asleep? Did Bush CAUSE the collapse of the financial sector?

On the morning Client #9 was trysting in DC with Ashley Alexandra Dupre in exchange for $4,000 an hour, The Washington Post published a guest column by Gov. Eliot Spitzer.  See the Washington Post, February, 14, 2008. tent/article/2008/02/13/AR2008021302783. html
Spitzer described how the Bush administration prohibited the states from protecting consumers from predatory lending.  I will not repeat what he said, just go read it.

Ameriquest was one of the worst of the predatory lenders, and its owner Roland Arnall made a billion dollars committing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of frauds and thefts in a predatory lending racketeering enterprise that dwarfs anything that had gone before it.  Ameriquest was sued by the states' attorneys general and he settled for several hundred million dollars.  If you have the time, read the InnerCityPress notes - .html

It should also be noted that Arnall gave millions and millions of his stolen dollars to the Republicans.  See the wiki. ll In return Bush named Arnall our ambassador to the Netherlands.  After reading Spitzer's article several times, one has to wonder-does this, or does this not, make Bush and his cronies active participants in the predatory lending industry, its chief enablers?  Are they not also criminals just like Arnall was?  Didn't their interference with state enforcement lead to the meltdown of the financial sector?  Was the timing of Spitzer's outing too convenient?  Did Client #9 really screw things up because now no one is paying attention to what he said, and the implications of what he said?  Didn't Bush, personally, cause the meltdown of the economy?

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Our Post-Spitzer World

I believe a lot of the jitters we are having about possible scandals coming forth from either presidential camp is the result of the Elliot Spitzer scandal.

More than the election, this was the most important turning point in American politics because it holds people to a new standard.

I am one of the few liberals who did not find Bill Clinton's infidelity a lighthearted turn with a cigar.

The only sex that I have ever had that is worth $4,300.00 is with the woman I love who stimulates me mentally and challenges my character. I look forward to being married and staying faithful to her, learning to love her more and more each day. I would like male candidates who feel the same way as I do about the institution of marriage and don't think affairs are just boys being boys. And no, Republicans do not care more about family and they certainly don't keep themselves from having affairs -especially with children. No thank you.

Maybe we have to wait another 8 years until we find a candidate with true integrity.

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Spitzer and the damage done

It's not just about Eliot Spitzer's private life, or even the illegality of what he did.  His hubris put the entire Democratic power structure in the state at risk.

The LG now becomes governor, if the Breaking Blue headline is accurate.  Now, Joe Bruno, the lead GOP in the state and head of the State Senate which I think is GOP by one vote (and a vote the LG can cast) becomes LG.  Grrrr.  

How the hell could Spitzer do this? ed/archives/2008/03/how_the_spitzer.php

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Why Spitzer Must Stay and Fight

ABC News has a very interesting detail in the Spitzer case:

"The federal investigation of a New York prostitution ring was triggered by Gov. Eliot Spitzer's suspicious money transfers, initially leading agents to believe Spitzer was hiding bribes, according to federal officials."

I don't buy the argument that Spitzer set off some kind of IRS trigger by making illegal wire transfers.  Spitzer was paying for a product that cost no more than $4500.  The IRS money transfer cap is $10,000.  Why would Spitzer, who has prosecuted prostitution cases and knows the legality of financial transactions better than anyone, pay for services in bulk?

What I'm getting at is that Spitzer wasn't a fly caught in a spider web.  He was being monitored by the FBI.  How many other Democratic elected officials are under this kind of financial surveillance?  Why wasn't Sen. Vitter under the same surveillance?

This all goes back to the Justice Department scandals ... was Gonzalez doing more than firing liberal prosecutors, was he setting traps for high profile Democrats?

Whatever you think of Spitzer and what he's done, I think he has a moral obligation to stay and fight this out.  We need to know WHY he was caught.  And if he was being watched, there was a far greater crime being committed.

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