CrossPost: (Updated) Obama - A GREAT speech, from a non-supporter

I know, I know.  DailyKos is bad, and all those crazy Obama supporters are rabid, nutty animals (sigh).  I know many here at MyDD are boycotting or striking (bigger sigh).  All the same, I saw a diary that some of you (albieit a minority) might be interested in.

One day soon, we'll all have to work together behind the democratic nominee.  Let's hope the days gnashing teeth, and tearing out eachother's throats will soon come to and end.

With the explicit permission of the diarist, Miss Blue, I'm posting her diary below the fold, in its entirety.  Read with an open mind.


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A Cure For Racial Tension

Do you feel itchy all over and bloated after hearing obama give speeches?

Do you fall sometimes after his speeches and can't get up?

Does your head spin and stomach turn?

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this is what I picked up from the speech...

paraphrasing here:

obama claims that he is unique, he has cousins and uncles and aunts and other family members that span the color spectrum...and this is why he is uniquely situated to heal racial tensions

my thought: then color matters, but I though it didn't

Obama explains: rev. wright's comments were inflammatory and offensive but only I can heal your confusion over them even though they are not confusing to black people, but healing is required for white folks who are confused about remarks that are not meant to be offensive but are and I am going to heal you because healing is required where there is no healing to be had

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The Speech I Wanted to Hear

If Obama wanted to confess, unite and heal, this is how he could have taken a much bigger step.

He could have started by apologizing to the Clintons and the voters, by admitting it was HE who racialized the campaign.  That it was he and his supporters who mined every syllable of anyone associated with Hillary's campaign to turn it into a race reference.  That he planned it, supported it and acquiesced in the media drumbeat to turn the Clinton's into racists, or, if not racists, to turn Hillary into someone so deeply divisive and unscrupulous that she would do stoop this low to win.  That he did it because he wanted to cut into her well-deserved African American vote before South Carolina, and to discredit her with party leaders.  That he used his race not to create "a more perfect union", but to create a deep division in the party.  And it is not race or racisim itself that caused this division, that caused many of us to find his candidacy disingenuous at best, but rather his willingness to stoop so low to win.  

No, Senator Obama, it is not just "in the last couple of weeks that the discussion of race in this campaign has taken a particularly divisive turn." We who do not support you believe it began after Senator Clinton's stunning upset in New Hampshire, when you launched the race-bait campaign with your Bradley-effect talking points.  When you continued to benefit from the damage this cynical and dangerous tactic caused her campaign.  When you failed to take the podium then as you did today to decry the media's non-stop propagandizing her "playing the race card." When you waited to take this stand on racial division until you needed it for damage control to your own campaign, and not when the damage was being done to the party, to democratic voters, and to the civil rights legacy of the only two-term Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt.  

Yes, I would have liked to hear you talk about that.

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Obama speech- Unbecoming of a President.


I have re read his speech again....

SHOCKED at the pure audacity of Bs'ing us...

***** ****
Obama"Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes"
********* *
He not only now has changed his story again that he was in the pews when such words were asked on the networks... furthermore he specifically told Major Garret on Fox that if he heard such statements in the church , he would have QUIT! The church.

BUT I'm SHOCKED - he asks us to come together and not just talk about our divides but that we must act!

***** ***** **
Obama"And yet words on a parchment would not be enough to deliver slaves from bondage, or provide men and women of every color and creed their full rights and obligations as citizens of the United States. What would be needed were Americans in successive generations who were willing to do their part"
***** ******

Senator OBAMA_ HOW can you ask us to act / " do our part" when the 1st instance leading to multiple instances of your pastor using hate speech. YOU SIR DID NOT ACT YOURSELF! You sat thru it for decades... to add further INSULT TO INJURY - you rewarded him by asking him to join your campaign!

I know the cultish Obama followers are in their Charles Manson séance moment... But what a piece of crock to preach to us to act on these divisions, while he himself did jack when it was times to act!

Get you new incense's out obamabots and sing ha ma na , ha ma na ... but his own words contradict his ACTIONS!

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