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A Plywood Parthenon [lit] by a Klieg Light

Sorry folks, this is undeserving of a diary, yet I just couldn't resist.  This is the top of Diane West's "column" at the ever-rational Town Hall.  In the second graf you can see just how rigorus the GOP has been in applying itself to accurate oppo research.  These cats certainly won't risk looking silly just to score a cheap point.  Or, then again...

I'm treating you to just the tip of her iceberg of imagination; she does go on some.   For those of you who really want to suffer, here's the link: http://townhall.com/columnists/DianaWest /2008/08/28/barackus_accepts_from_temple _o

The star of the Democratic National Convention wasn't Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Hillary's husband -- certainly not Joe Biden or even Barack Obama. The single-most riveting presence at the Democratic gathering -- possibly the entire Democratic political season -- was that kooky-bizarro set with the faux-marble columns straddling the 50-yard line of Invesco Field in Denver. In this veritable neo-Graeco-Roman-Graceland temple, the Anointed One became the Nominated One.
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Live responses from the Hillary speech

No one else has done it yet, so I'll post an open diary for your immediate reactions to Hillary's speech.

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Hillary Came Out Swinging! [Updated!!!]

Senator Clinton, knock 'em dead!  There's nobody I can think of in the Democratic Party who's better equipped to lay the smackdown on the Republicans.  What they've done to this country is incredible damaging, painful, and tragic.  What they've done to you and to your husband, however, should go down in the annals of American history as one of the most disgusting series of acts ever witnessed.

It's our turn at the wheel.  The pendulum has swung back our way.  These yellow dogs have got their day.

Please make sure the Republicans know this by the end of your speech.  We're slightly ahead with one hand tied behind our back.  Can those idiots survive the onslaught of a united Democratic Party?

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Ted Kennedy

I don't have the words composed for this yet and don't think I will for a while.  I was born after John died and while Bobby was still alive.  Tonight I watched the last great moment of the brothers that defined the modern era, the men that made the biggest difference in my young parents' world and, though I did not know it, my own childhood.


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