Gov. Palin's Speech: Fact or Fiction?

KTVA Alaska reports that "Not all Alaskans believe Palin's speech is accurate".  This from the very people who would know the difference.


Please use this information to tell the country the truth.

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John McCain's Speech: It's About ME

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My fellow Americans,

I me my,  I, I, I Me my; I. I. I, I, I -- I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my, I, I, I.  I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. P.O.W. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. P.O.W.  I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. I, me, my. P.O.W. I, I, I. Me, My, I. I, I, I.

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Words McCain never mentioned: Afghanistan, Climate, Torture, Pakistan, Abortion, Osama...

Hey guys, this is my first diary.  I've cross-posted it at /5/04017/37303/370/587450

After watching McCain's acceptance speech, I started a list of vital issues that John McCain never mentioned ONCE in his speech - not even to name-check them.  I think it would be fun for people to re-read McCain's speech and discover more issues where John McCain "just doesn't get it" - and to read Obama's speech and find out where Obama does.  Here goes...

#1 Climate Change
#2 Health Care/Insurance (okay, one sentence)
#3 Torture
#4 Abortion
#5 Police Work/Crime/Illegal Drugs
#6 Same-Sex issues (marriage, benefits, etc.)
#7 The War in Afghanistan
#8 Pakistan (or the Taliban)
#9 Counterinsurgency doctrine
#10 [drumroll, please...] Osama bin Laden

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Palin Hits It Big With All Republican Audience

From the NY Times:
ST. PAUL -- Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska introduced herself to America before a roaring crowd at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night as "just your average hockey mom" who was as qualified as the Democratic nominee, Senator  Barack Obama, to be president of the United States.

Ms. Palin's appearance electrified a convention that has been consumed by questions of whether she was up to the job, as she launched slashing attacks on Mr. Obama's claims of experience.

"Before I became governor of the great state of Alaska, I was mayor of my hometown," Ms. Palin told the delegates in a speech that sought to eviscerate Mr. Obama, as delegates waved signs that said "I love hockey moms.""And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a `community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities."

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Obama's HQs closed day after momentous speech?

My roommates and I (except for the one lifelong republican) watched Obama's speech last night, and loved it. One of my roommates, Neil, liked it so much was genuinely inspired. The lines about how Republicans have made these last three elections about small issues that don't matter got him, and Clinton's line about power through good example, rather than making an example of our power stirred him too. So much that last night he was proposing constructing an Obama sign on our prime real-estate (intersection of 3 major highways in Birmingham, Alabama) and asking how he could volunteer.

I told him to go down to the Obama campaign headquarters in downtown Birmingham today. He did, and it was closed for Labor Day. He said as he was standing outside the building, calling the number listed in the window, 3 other people approached and looked puzzled as the why the HQ was closed. He said they looked up at the marquee, and then down at the locked door again, wondering why the HQ wouldn't be open to capitalize on the inspiration from last night's speech.

It seems a silly move, to me, to have that place closed. I didn't know what to tell Neil, other than "wait five days and we'll go down there together", but still it sucked. Just thought I'd pass along my frustrations.


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