Carl Levin: champion of habeas corpus?

Here's a funny thing:

Looking at the torture bill farrago, one of the last shots left in the locker of those seeking to stymie the bill seems to be the Specter-Levin amendment restoring habeas corpus rights for detainees (I haven't seen the actual text, which is not on THOMAS yet.)

Just now, I happen to be looking at a piece in the Columbia Journalism Review on the reporting of the torture issue, which refers to the original McCain amendment to the 2006 defense authorization bill which formed the basis of the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005, which the bill currently under consideration would amend.

Now, my researches, such as they are (rudimentary), indicate that Levin had a hand in beefing up the McCain amendment, by extending the scope of the ban on habeas corpus claims by detainees.

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Torture/detainees bill good to go: Kossacks not happy

The GOP House leadership has now joined the torture club, according to pieces this morning in the Times (here) and Post (here).

As his part of the charade, HASC Chairman Duncan Hunter had been making noncommital noises yesterday as the results of the WH/Senate palaver were being celebrated with hugs and kisses.

Now, he's positively thesping it up, à la Laurence Olivier:

"The new provisions are excellent," said [Hunter]. "I like them."

Mr. Hunter, whose committee had endorsed a bill looking much like what the White House had initially proposed, said that although he was still reading the compromise, he believed that the House and the Senate could agree on a common bill, eliminating the need for a conference between the two, and making it possible to win final passage in the five days before Congress adjourns for the midterms.

Really? You don't say!

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BREAKING NEWS on torture/detainee bill

There are some who act as if torture and habeas corpus are serious matters.

Fortunately, your representatives in Congress aren't the sort of milquetoast bleeding-hearts to believe that old malarky!

The fun was most intense yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee (chaired by old man Sensenbrenner).

Working off inadequate information last night, I was so unwise as to conclude on one of Bowers' threads that passage of the administration bill HR 6054 was some kind of masterstroke by the S-Man.

Today, Milbank puts me right.

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