IL-05 Primary Weekly Roundup

Signs are up, ads are airing, yet Chicago Public Radio nailed it: Voters Clueless in Fifth District: 

One would think that given recent events in illinois politics voters would be more engaged than ever not less engaged; more aware of the need to be vigilant and educated in the voting booth. And this is a particularly high profile seat. It was recently vacated by Rahm Emanuel who left to become President Obama's chief of staff.

What if they gave an election and no one cared? (The answer: they hold it anyway.)

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IL-05: The (Victor) Forys Interview

The Forys campaign was my last stop on Tuesday.  Driving in from downtown Chicago (via Belmont), I could see evidence that Forys was making inroads with the local population.  His red and white signs popped up with regularity.

The headquarters was buzzing.  Perhaps a dozen volunteers on the phones and a few doing some administrative functions.  I walked in with their new intern.  Forys and his campaign manager arrived shortly afterward.  We found a good spot to set up the camera, and when Forys arrived, we started talking.  I asked about all the boxes in the space, which I didn't realize was filled with medical supplies.  The community was involved in shipping meds and supplies to Poland, to my slight surprise.  Forys seemed really tied to his local community.

As the interview ended, I asked about his experience with the Solidarity strikes.  I couldn't really help myself, as I was fascinated by the fact that Forys was visiting Poland at the time.  I included it at the end of the interview seen here.

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IL-05: The (Paul) Bryar Interview

I drove out to the 5th last Tuesday in the rain.  I called the Bryar campaign to let them know that I was running a few minutes late -- which mattered, because it was the day that the candidates were being interviewed by the Chicago Tribune's endorsement board.  So we couldn't really put it off.  Surprisingly, I was only a few minutes late.

The Bryar campaign office was humming.  Actually, it was quite crowded, with both volunteers and staff.  As I set up the camera and lights, I got a reminder that this was Chicago.  The El tracks were fairly close, and you could hear them inside the building.  About halfway through the interview, the candidate got caught up in a tonque-twister.  Can we do that over?, he'd ask.  I ended up leaving it in because it provides Bryar's complete answer.  Even polished candidates get caught by tongue-twisters.  Bryar wanted it to be perfect -- but it wasn't a perfect day, outside or time-wise.

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IL-05: The (Tom) Geoghegan Interview

Like all the candidates, Tom Geoghegan has a busy schedule these days.  This interview was smashed between other appointments, and there was some anxiety about getting it done within the alloted time.  20 minutes is what I asked for.  As you can see, the interview lasted more than 20 minutes.

Actually, it took longer than what you see on film.  One question got interrupted by my cell phone going off (my bad), and then the microphone slipped down.  Strangely, the clearest segment was when the mic was on the candidate's lap.

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IL-05: Primary Roundup #3

Perhaps the biggest news this week is that the FEC deadline has passed and/or the Chicago Tribune endorsement session.  It may depend on who you are and who you support which you believe is the biggest news.  Others have argued that the dearth of coverage by the traditional media is the biggest news of the week.

What has become increasingly apparent to those who have been paying attention is that the special election in IL-05 enjoys an unusually smart, ambitious field who are working hard to win this election and paying attention to the issues in which voters are interested.  As early voting begins on Monday, this race is turning increasingly from fund-raising and media to the ground game.  Given the extraordinary density -- much of it in single family dwellings -- this has always been true.  Which is also why all the candidates are out knocking on doors and calling voters.

Because of the large Democratic field, the Chicago Tribune editorial board conducted two different interview sessions, one which is the video to the right.  Video for the second session is below the fold, but this article talks about "the rest of the field:"

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