People from all over country asking about Busby for Congress

Whenever I go to my email I am amazed at the number of people who conatact me from around the country who are interested in Francine Busby. She is running to fill the vacated seat of the disgraced-about-to-be=sentenced-ex-Congr essman Randy Cunningham.

A couple from Los Angeles is coming down for a long weekend to volunteer at campaign headquarters and on the streets.  A group near Boston is offering to campaign by phone. San Diego people are saying, "I'm not in the district, but I want to help."

Why? This is the race to watch for 2006.  The election is scheduled for April 11.  Find out what everybody is talking about by visiting the website at You can even go to the Grassroots Page and sign up for Americans for Busby, a group spread out around the country supporting Francine Busby online.

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