SD-Gov: Fact Checking Mike Rounds

The progressive folks at Grassroots South Dakota have a great new clip up on their site fact-checking Mike Rounds during the last Governor's debate. Rounds clearly does not read the papers or speak to real South Dakotans because he is clueless as to the reality of the problems facing South Dakota.

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SD-Gov: BIG NEWS!! Billion endorsed by the Argus Leader!!

This really is huge news for South Dakota - Jack Billion was endorsed on Sunday by the Argus Leader.  The Argus Leader is the biggest paper in the state with a circulation over 75,000.  And this endorsement was no joke - the Argus came out swinging; blasting Mike Rounds for his lack of leadership and his failure to solve any of the problems that were facing the state 4 years ago.  They also believe that Jack is a great candidate with the right ideas for helping South Dakota.

You can check out the article here: /article?AID=/20061008/VOICES01/61008031 6/1161

The momentum really is on Jack's side but they can always use more money to get more media.  You can contribute to Jack on the Act Blue page or his website. or

Below the fold you can see some of the key quotes from the endorsement.

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SD-Gov Watch Jack Billion's First Campaign Ad!

Jack Billion came out this week with his first media buy.  The ad is great as Jack takes on the biggest issue facing South Dakotans - the Abortion Ban.  In the ad Jack comes down strong against the ban and Mike Rounds' position on it.  I think it shows some courage by Jack to take on this very divisive issue in his first ad. Jack is a doctor so you can tell when he is speaking that this is an issue that is important to him and this ad gives him the forum to give South Dakotans a bit of his biography. 7E

And here is the Actblue page for the campaign if you want to contribute. or

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Don't Forget Jack Billion in South Dakota

I have been an avid reader of MyDD and Daily Kos for many years now and am writing my first diary ever in support of a candidate that I think the netroots has neglected - Jack Billion - the Democratic candidate for governor of South Dakota.  Looking over Jonathan Singer's Governors forecast, I can't help but think that with the current political climate in South Dakota that this race might surprise a lot of people come November.

As we all know by now, South Dakota has become the front line of the battleground for right wing extremists in their effort to take away women's rights and to overturn Roe v. Wade.  This past March, the current Republican governor, Mike Rounds, signed the South Dakota abortion ban and titled it the "South Dakota Women's Health and Human Life Protection Act." The title of the bill alone tells you that it is another example of the radical right wing using ideology and slick sloganeering as substitutes for sound public policy.  This bill is the most extreme abortion ban signed into law in the United States.  It takes away a woman's right to choose by criminalizing abortions even in instances of rape, incest and where the health of the mother is in danger.

The people of South Dakota have successfully petitioned to get the ban on the ballot in November and there are many pro-choice groups working overtime to make sure the ban is vote down.  The problem with focusing all our attention on the ballot measure is that it is a short-sighted view of the abortion battle in South Dakota.  Even if we succeed in voting down the ban, the Republican controlled legislature will simply give Rounds another, slightly less extreme, abortion bill for him to sign in January.  

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The inside scoop from the SD Democratic Convention and the implications


I posted my piece from the SD Democratic Party blog on Daily Kos today, but I gotta' say, the convention was more than just rhetoric.  I'm posting my opinion on what I saw at the convention for those interested in the condition of State Parties (in this case, South Dakota). 18545/7068

So, most of this is true. I did really enjoy myself at the convention (I'm actually a temporary staffer so I worked the convention too).  However, there was trouble in the party.  The most excitement happened during the 2nd day.   Most of the platform was rubberstamped (we had some new things moving towards the right in economics but that's to be expected) by the convention delegates.  

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