Anti-choice extremists lose by a landslide

Women and families are the big winners in the 2006 election.  Americans sent a clear signal yesterday in support of a woman's right to choose.  Anti-choice extremists lost by a landslide.  Voters rejected extreme policies and politicians.  By a wide margin, voters defeated attempts to criminalize abortion in South Dakota - where at least two state Senators who supported the abortion ban (Sen. Bill Earley and Sen. Dick Kelly) were voted out of office.  Voters rejected extremist attorney general Phill Kline in Kansas, who attempted to seize women's confidential medical records.  Dangerous abortion restrictions for teens were rejected in Oregon.  In Ohio, pro-choice, pro-family planning Governor Ted Strickland defeated extremist Ken Blackwell who supported legislation even more extreme than South Dakota's abortion ban.  In Wisconsin, women's health champion Jim Doyle defeated hardliner Mark Green, who co-authored legislation allowing health care providers to deny women access to birth control.  And with Representative Nancy Pelosi poised to serve as Speaker of the House, we are optimistic about a national shift toward support for women's healthcare.

But the action didn't stop on Election Day.

This morning we stand before the U.S. Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood to present our challenge to the dangerous federal abortion ban. We will ask the court to strike down a law that would take personal, moral decision making away from women and families and put it in the hands of politicians. Perhaps even more than yesterday's elections, the court's decision in this case will help shape the future of reproductive freedom.

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Skullduggery in South Dakota

 Yesterday I recieved a letter from the "YES" on the South Dakota abortion ban group.  At first I was going to throw it away, but then I thought to myself, "What if this is a last-minute, manipulative, nasty mail piece?" So, I opened the letter.  What I next read shocked me.  This letter claims to apparently be from the democratic party, telling its members that South Dakota Democrats support the ban.  I was shocked that is written to actually sound like it was sent from the Democratic Party.  This letter was likely mailed to democrats throughout the state like myself (they obviously knew I am a Democrat).

It gets worse, below the fold:

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SD-GOV: Things are really heating up in South Dakota

Things are certainly getting interesting here in South Dakota.  Today, the campaign for healthy families was holding a peaceful protest and the pro lifers were out in full force to disrupt.  They brought their vans with grotesque images of dead babies plastered on them to the rally.  Then they stood on their van, in full military fatigues and bull horns and screamed at the pro-choice protesters.  It was really a dispicable sight.

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SD-Gov: This says it all

Jack Billion thoroughly wooped Mike Rounds in their last debate.  So much so that apparently within 40 minutes of the debate Rounds backed out of one of the two remaining debates.  There is one more debate debate tonight at 7 pm on KELO.  Tune in if you live in South Dakota.  Here is the closing from the last debate which is priceless.  Rounds tried to gain points by bizarrely thanking the troops - Jack in turn thanked him for thanking veterans (as Jack is a veteran and Rounds is not). aE

Contribute to Jack at his website:

or his Act Blue page: or

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SD-GOV: WOW This really is a great idea! Jack Billion is truly a progressive candidate.

Jack Billion had a great press conference today where he really handed it to Mike Rounds on education. Under Rounds, South Dakota is ranked 51st in teacher pay. 51st!!! That is just embarassing and explains why our schools are failing.

Anyway, Jack promised that as governor he will lower his pay to the 51st lowest for a governor in America (right now Rounds is either 36th or 37th). He will only raise his pay when the teachers of South Dakota have their pay raised.  So if the teachers go up up to 48th in the nation, so will the governor.

Watch the best part of the press conference here: EQ

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