South Dakota Fights Back II

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Yesterday, I wrote a diaryabout South Dakota Healthy Families formally announcing their creation in order to fight HB 1215 which bans all abortions in South Dakota, even in cases of rape and incest.

At the time I did not have the text of the press release, now I do.  So here it is

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South Dakota Fights Back

Crossposted on MyDD and DailyKos.

Today, South Dakota fought back

In a press conference that has been barely covered by the MSM, South Dakota Healthy Families announced that they were launching a petition drive to gather 16,728 signatures and put HB 1215 on the ballot in November and letting the voters of South Dakota decide for themselves whether they want women in that state to have the right to choose.

In case you had not heard yet, HB 1215 is a law passed by the South Dakota Legislature and signed by Governor Mike Rounds.

HB 1215 bans ALL abortions in the state even in cases of Rape, Incest and concerns regarding health of the mother.  The only exception to this archaic law being to save the Life of the mother.

So, today 15 prominent members of South Dakota got together and said NO MORE!!

Please read about it at South Dakota Healthy Families

I have never asked for recommendations, but I am now. CNN, WaPo and all other mainstream media outlets are ignoring this. We need to get this message out somehow

People, this is the declaration of war against the anti-choice forces in South Dakota and their backers around the country.

Even thought this is a local fight in South Dakota, it has national ramifications and we need to help our sisters.

If we allow this law to go into effect, by failing to get this on the ballot, then all courts will clearly rule it unconstitutional as it flies in the face of Roe V Wade. However, please believe that the State of South Dakota will fight and appeal all the way to the Supreme Court which is unpredictable with the two new Justices, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito on the bench.


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Emanuel takes a pass on SD abortion bill

The gals at Firedoglake quite rightly go bananas at the latest betrayal from House honcho Rahm Emanuel.

Apparently taking time out from parachuting his trained seals into likely CDs, he's gone out of his way to give a pass to the noxious SD abortion bill that Gov Mike Rounds just signed.

And you have to love the anonymouse kicker:

He wouldn't spell out the reasons, but a top party staffer (who declined to be quoted out of deference to his bosses) told NEWSWEEK: "These guys are gun-shy because they're used to getting clobbered on the issue."

With this kind of service from the Dems, little wonder that NARAL goes off the rails and endorses Chafee, fails to support an Alito filibuster, etc, etc.

Any suggestions for the identity of the anonymouse? (Hint: I sense a recognizable idiolect.)

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Anti-Abortion Legislative Felony

...Citizen rights and the law have gone dark. No lights. Almost nobody home. Almost nobody to say, wait just one damn minute -- this is not about overturning Roe v. Wade. This is about a governing elite putting themselves above the law and violating it. This is about a governing elite trying to hide behind the doctrine of legislative immunity when, in reality, they have committed legislative felony....

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SD abortion bill: Johnson speaks! (At last)

Better late than never - and no harm in looking before you leap. (I doubt when South Dakotans elected Timmy Johnson for his resemblance to Zorro or Howard Dean!)

(I'm following up an earlier piece here.)


The two Democratic members of South Dakota's congressional delegation on Tuesday characterized abortion-ban legislation signed by Gov. Mike Rounds on Monday as "extreme."

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