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Whenever I hear the old joke, "He was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple," I cringe a little, because I immediately think of the inverse -- of the millions of people who are born with two strikes against them.  

Lately I cringe when I hear the ludicrous charge being leveled against Barack Obama: that he intends to apply socialist policies in the United States. The charge is ludicrous because he does not intend such a thing -- not because socialism is ludicrous. To the contrary.  

Here is another thing that makes me cringe:

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I spent my morning redistributing wealth

John McCain talks about Obama as a socialist and criticizes the idea of "spreading the wealth" around.  But has he really considered what his criticisms mean?  Has he truly thought through what effects that kind of rhetoric would have if it were to become mainstream American thinking?  If he does and he's saying it anyway, he is a mean and evil man.  If he does not know, then he is willfully ignorant and out of touch.

So let me tell you about how I know what happens when we don't "spread the wealth around."

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2008 McCain Calls 2000 McCain A Socialist?

We all have wondered where the John McCain of 2000 has gone.  The once moderate Republican continues to sell his soul and ideals for desperate and cruel attacks against Obama to fool himself into believing he still can win this thing.

The irony is McCain would have been more competitive had he just stuck to his original meme and views on issues.  This is what a whiff of power do to some people...they want it, no matter the costs.

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The Laughable Socialist Narrative

The recent attack-line about Obama being a "socialist" simply because he wants to build efficiency into the tax code is weak on its face. But it's all the more ridiculous when you factor in all the Republican hypocrisy.

If government control and redistribution of income are the hallmarks of socialism, then Republicans need to look in the mirror.

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The McCain/Palin Campaign goes for a Political/Economic Low Blow

It's hard to believe that the American Economy I grew up in was fairly stabile. The bank regulations put in after the fall of the stock market in 1929 and through a dozen years of depression, combined with the progressive economic support of WWII Veterans when they got back from defeating Japan and Germany, kept a much narrower separation of the rich and the poor and allowed people to rise much more easily in their levels of economic achievement. It's what allowed my father, who came from a large, relatively poor family, get his college education, become a pharmacist, and develop a successful business in Connecticut.

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