Can John Marty win?

My campaign manager recently drafted a letter to discuss the electability of my candidacy. Recently, we had a strong showing at the gubernatorial caucuses, stunning the pundits who said we didn't have a chance.

As the Chief Author of the Minnesota Health Plan, I've helped organize over 70 signers onto the bill, including several of my opponents in this primary race. If I have the opportunity to serve as Minnesota's next Governor, I will push for real changes. That is my promise to you. We will see real change!

I look forward to hearing any questions, comments or concerns relating to the electability of my candidacy and addressing them directly.

I hope you will join us.



John Marty
DFL Candidate for Governor

Traveling around the state, our campaign has heard from countless people who believe in John Marty's vision, they respect his values, they trust his integrity -- they say he could become a truly great governor. However, some say he can't win. Some say he's too nice. John is actually more electable than other candidates this year, and here's why: Many independent and Independence Party voters believe that both major parties are controlled by corporate interests and special interest money. John has consistently rejected lobbyist and PAC money, and he has been recognized, time and time again, for his courage and independence in standing up to powerful interests.John is the candidate with the credibility to win over those independents.

At a time when voters are increasingly cynical about politicians, John has earned a reputation of being trust-worthy and honest. Research has shown that candidates do best, not by appealing to the center, but by holding firm convictions that, while they may be less popular, show evidence of commitment and integrity. John is the candidate who can overcome that cynicism, and win the respect of voters who know he will do what he says.

Many Green Party members are former DFLers who left the party because it has too often surrendered to political expedience. John is the candidate who has demonstrated the courage of his convictions and speaks to the values of the Green Party. Tens of thousands of low-income people who were inspired and came out to vote in 2008 are once again feeling that the political system doesn't care about them. John's promise of affordable health care for all, through his single-payer, Minnesota Health Plan can give them renewed hope. His commitment to ending poverty -- through his legislation for affordable childcare, living wages, and fair taxes legislation -- gives them a chance to see a brighter future ahead. John is the candidate who can inspire and re-engage disenchanted voters.

So why do some DFLers say that John Marty cannot win? Because John ran for Governor in 1994 and lost by a large margin. In that race, John was challenging a popular incumbent governor. And in 1994, the beginning of the Gingrich "revolution," Republicans saw landslide victories across the country; not a single Republican incumbent in any gubernatorial race or U.S. House or Senate race lost that November. Even so, it wasn’t a perfect campaign. John has acknowledged his mistakes -- and learned from them. He is sixteen years older and wiser and has the confidence and experience to match his vision and courage.

Times change, and in 2010, John Marty is the right person at the right time.

In recent years, John has repeatedly shown his ability to appeal to independents and Republicans. Although his suburban senate district had a four point Republican edge according to the court redistricting panel, John has won by large margins -- over 62% last time -- which means he picks up both independent and Republican votes. John has shown an ability to win -- not by avoiding tough issues but through his bold vision and ethical leadership.

On caucus night, John exceeded expectations, outperforming seven other gubernatorial candidates in the straw poll, without being a wealthy, self-financed candidate, without accepting a penny of special interest money, and without compromising his values. We need John to be the DFL candidate for Governor, and delegates around the state are joining forces to see that John receives the party endorsement in April. Please join us!

Warm regards, Taina Maki
Campaign Manager P.S.

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Weekly Pulse: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

by Lindsay Beyerstein, TMC MediaWire Blogger

This week, the White House teamed up with healthcare industry giants for a two-day PR blitz on health reform. A coalition of industry leaders sent a letter to president Obama over the weekend, pledging to help contain healthcare costs. The signatories include PhRMA (drug makers), Advamed (device manufacturers), the AMA (doctors), the AHA (hospitals), AHIP (health insurance), and SEIU's Health Care project. The corporate signatories are the very same interest groups that have fought U.S. healthcare reform for generations. AHIP, America's Health Insurance Plans, helped torpedo the Clinton plan in the 1990s with the infamous "Harry and Louise" TV spots.

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Perhaps Sawicky meant something like this?

There is, of course, a good deal of intellectual fire-power in the lefty sphere, not least on this site.

But - most notably on DKos, the Mother of All Lefty Sites - my utterly unscientific sampling suggests that the predominant forms are, in the diaries, rant and druther, and, in the comments, personal abuse and verbal hi-fives.

And - needless to say - anyone who suggests that this may not be entirely reality-based is by definition a troll.

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