REDSTATE editor attacking Dr. Paul's Shrimp Farm

REDSTATE's Warmongering TWERPS like it's managing editor and NEO-CON stooge Erick Erikson must be getting scared of poor little old Ron Paul who I call the Admiral Canaris of the GOP. Although I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Paul on several key issues(War on Iraq, War on Drugs, Patriot Act) I could never vote for Ron Paul because I'm a far left Social-Democrat in fact if I lived in Europe I would be a member of a Socialist Party. However he is the best thing to happen to the GOP since Abraham Lincoln. He doesn't have a chance to win but he will raise all kinds of hell for these evil right wing mother fuckers. Ron Paul is currently receiving more donations from active duty service members than any other GOP candidate you can sure bet the NEO-CON's don't like that.
 title=Socialist Party

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