Why would you lie about this?

We all remember the three campaign managers on Chris Matthews all at once.  It was an interesting interview to say the last.  Chris Matthews asked Mark Penn specifically about the Shaheen incident/resignation specifically.  

MATTHEWS: Did you tell him to step down?

PENN: The senator made that clear. No, he stepped down. And he made clear...

MATTHEWS: Do you tell him to step down? It took 24 hours for him to do it. Do you think he did it in time...

PENN: No. No.

That was after the debate last week.  So why does it matter?  Well today, in the media blitz, the story has changed.

"We asked him to step down," Clinton said during a media blitz that saw her go on six morning news shows. "Every time somebody in my campaign says something that we don't believe is right, appropriate, we take care of it... We move quickly. And we will keep doing it."

Why would you lie about it in the first place?  This just does not seem like something you would lie about.  Is it a huge deal?  No.  I'm not going to pretend like it is.  

It is just another smack of dishonesty.  Who likes being lied to?  I don't.  

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Rasmussen poll: Shaheen 48%-Sununu 43% + PRIMARY numbers

Rasmussen just came out with polls from New Hampshire, and its first test of the Senate race since Jeanne Shaheen announced she was jumping in the race.

While many polls have shown Shaheen with wide leads, not Rasmussen. He only has her up 48% to 43%.

This is certainly a much smaller lead than we would like to see, and contradicts the notion that the NH race is in the bag.

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Breaking - Jeanne Shaheen entering the NH Senate race!

Breaking news out of NH on this Thursday night. The New Hampshire Union Leader is now reporting that Jeanne Shaheen is soon going to declare her candidacy for the Senate race. This is obviously huge news for Democrats, as New Hampshire is their top pick-up opportunity, provided Shaheen is a candidate. And a day after Mark Warner's entrance in the Virginia race got Democrats excited and optimistic and a day after Robert Novak predicted Democrats might gain as many as 8 seats, this news will further dampen Republican Senate prospects.

More information as it comes in HERE.

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NH Senate Race

The third poll in two weeks shows former NH Governor Jeanne Shaheen crushing incumbent Republican John Sununu in the 2008 US Senate race by double digits.  The CNN/WMUR poll, conducted by the UNH Survey Center, shows Sununu beating each of the three announced candidates, BUT, even against the least known Democrat, he can't break 45%. Shaheen has yet to announce whether she will run, but has a lot of momentum building.

This race is far from over; in 2002, the Republicans committed crimes to get Sununu elected.  He has very close ties to the oil and gas industries, and the Club for Growth has basically adopted him.  However, he is in deep trouble, due to his support for Bush.

For more, see http://www.wmur.com.  

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