Utah Redistricting UPDATE!

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As expected, the Republican-controlled committee assigned with the task of drawing a 4-seat map for Utah released proposed maps when they were sure no one was looking--the day before Thanksgiving.

I will show you what they don't want the public to see in the extended entry.

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House bill may give Dems 2 more seat, not 1

Lame duck House Judiciary chairman Sensenbrenner, the author of the immigration bill that caused mass protests in the spring, now demands that Utah's legislature go into special session to approve the four-district map Huntsman proposed.

...Sensenbrenner, R-Wisc., says he won't allow a full hearing on a bill to give Utah a fourth seat and the District of Columbia its first vote in Congress until Utah lawmakers have a 'final Utah redistricting plan,'

This plan would make the second district a safe seat for Democrats, signaling the state GOP has given up beating Jim Matheson.  If Jim decides not to play along, it would mean two new Democrats in the House and a net gain of one.  I will explain why and how in extended...

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Dems sell out Voting Rights

House Democrats must not be that confident that they will win back the House in November.

I explain why on the flipside...

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The Lobbying Game on Net Neutrality

Hands off the Internet started a stupid blog without comments.  The whole approach to honest discourse online has been a series of sneers, and they found out that doesn't work yesterday when every Democrat went against them.  Hands Off though is only one of several groups.  Telco money is everywhere; every Congressmen is getting multiple visits from telco lobbyists on the issue, and the telcos are spending on the order of $1 million a week on this fight.  

And McCurry isn't a hard core legislative guy, he's a PR person.  There are other lobbyists doing the hard core wrangling of legislators.  For instance, I learned from several sources and a press release on a web site that our old friend Steve Elmendorf is lobbying for the telcos.  It didn't matter of course; the Democrats were whipped into shape by Conyers, Pelosi, and the internet.

This is a sea change in Democratic culture.  The lobbyist driven machinery is being gummed up on the Democratic side.  I'm not going to say that the blogs and the internet are totally responsible for this, since corporate funds being cut off to Democrats has a lot to do with the shift.  

I do think that lobbying for illiberal policies is going to get harder for Clinton Kewl Kid operatives.  

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Bipartisan Bill for Net Neutrality Passes House Judiciary Committee, 20-13

Here's the roll call vote for the House Judiciary Committee.  This is an amazing turnaround, from a bipartisan stance against net neutrality, to a bipartisan stance for net neutrality.  The battle isn't over, but enjoy this victory.

Conyers - yes
Berman - yes
Boucher - yes
Nadler - yes
Scott - yes
Watt - not voting
Lofgren - yes
Jackson-Lee - yes
Waters - yes
Meehan - not voting
Delahunt - present
Wexler - yes
Weiner - yes
Schiff - yes
Sanchez, Linda - yes
Van Hollen - yes
Wasserman Schultz - yes

Sensenbrenner - yes
Hyde - didn't vote
Coble - no
Smith - no
Gallegly - no
Goodlate - yes
Chabot - no
Lungren - yes
Jenkins - yes
Cannon - yes
Bachus - no
Inglis - yes
Hostetler - no
Green - no
Keller - no
Flake - not voting
Pence - not voting
Forbes - no
King - no
Feeney - no
Frank - no
Gohmert - not voting

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