Joe Hoeffel, Democrat

I have written about the ongoing genocide in Sudan before. It is good to see Democrats standing up:Political comedian and activist Dick Gregory and Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Hoeffel (Pa-13) will both be arrested at the Sudan Embassy at 2210 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. at noon on Tuesday, July 20th.

Rep. Hoeffel and Mr. Gregory follow Washington, D.C. Pastor Raymond Bell, Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Illinois), former Congressman Bob Edgar, now the President of the National Council of Churches, and New York Congressman Charles B. Rangel who were all arrested by the United States Secret Service last week.

Both Rep. Joe Hoeffel and Dick Gregory are joining the cries of the Congressional Black Caucus and other international protesters in demanding the Sudanese government end its support of the militia who are murdering hundreds of Black Africans everyday. The protesters are demanding that the United Nations and the world call this government-supported genocide. The CBC is demanding sanctions against the government of Sudan. The Sudan Campaign calls on the Security Council of the United Nations to adopt Chapter 7 sanctions on Sudan, to suspend the membership of the government for Sudan on the U. N. Human Rights Commission, and to enable slave and other victims of the Sudanese government's declared jihad against Black Africans to return to their homes.

Joe Hoeffel, the next Senator from Pennsylvania, rocks. If he is willing to take this action, you should visit his blog and take some action yourself. The next Hoeffel Meetup is tomorrow. Also, I would never want to discount Florida or Ohio, but is Pennsylvania turning into ground zero for this election or what?

Senate 2004 update in the works

I'll come out with a new 2004 Senate Outlook within a week or so, updating all the competitive Senate races. I noticed a Mason-Dixon poll released July 16 showed Bowles with a 48 percent to 38 percent lead over Burr. That's great news, any other news on the Senate races?

The GOP in Illinois Fiasco

Another one bites the dust, or bites the skirt, or whatever, in Illinois for the GOP's US Senate candidates (plural).

This is all the direct result of President Lincoln, from the great state of Illinois, turning in his grave over the direction of the modern day Republican Party Crusade.

Keep turning Abe, they've got a long way to go down.  And besides, we all know that you would pull the lever for Barak Obama.

The Next Senator from Illinois... and #45?

Well, apparently, Ditka is out. Hilarious as is would have been to watch Da Coach campaign, this erases any last doubts as to whether or not Barack Obama will be the next Senator from Illinois (Ryan is actually still on the ballot). Did I mention that he will also be the keynote speaker at the Democratic convention in two weeks?

Obama is a top-notch fundraiser, with over $4M Cash on Hand just from money he raised last quarter. He won 54% of the vote in a hotly contested six-way primary, rising from 9% three weeks earlier. He has the largest Meetup numbers of any statewide candidate, almost doubling Boxer. He is doing stunningly well on the poll that is now on the main page, a close second behind Edwards.

Even though it is at least six years too early to be talking about this, could Barack Obama be the first African-American President in history? His profile could make him like Dean on steroids during a primary season. Take the poll that follows in the comments.

Ass. Door. Way Out.

In 2000, Rick Santorum won re-election by roughly 360,000 votes in a state Bush lost by 200,000. There were two main problems. The first is that around 250,000 fewer Pennsylvanians voted in the Senate race than in the Presidential race, and around 4% of the statewide electorate appears to have voted for both Gore and Santorum (you can find more info here here).

Conventional wisdom among many Democrats is that conservative or moderate Democrats have a better chance of winning than liberal Democrats. However, in this circumstance, the losing candidate was conservative Democrat and former congressman Ron Klink. Klink was such a bad candidate that not only did he manage turn off around 250,000 Pennsylvania liberals to the degree that they left their ballots blank, he also lost around 160,000 Gore voters directly to Santorum. In a lean-Dem state, he managed to lose both the left and the swing center to a member of the right-wing lunatic fringe.

The only reason Klink, from Western Pennsylvania, won the Democratic nomination for Senate in the first place was because in the primary three Democrats from the Philadelphia area ran. With the Southeast PA vote split three ways, Klink barely slid through. Had only two candidates from the Philadelphia area ran, Klink probably would have finished in third in the primary. Further, after he gave up his seat to run his campaign, ultra-conservative Melissa Hart (Progressive Punch rates her as 3.29% progressive) took over his seat.

Now this raw political talent, righteous upholder of Democratic values and general benefactor of the party will throw his support behind Arlen Specter in the 2004 campaign instead of Democrat Joe Hoefell. In one fell swoop, by forming a "Democrats for Specter" committee, he has:

  • Made it more difficult for Hoeffel to do well in Western PA, and thus win the race.
  • Made it more difficult for Democrats to retake the Senate.
  • Made it more difficult for Kerry to win Pennsylvania, and thus the Presidency.
And to think people complian about Nader! In this election, incompetent turncoat Ron Klink is just as dangerous. If only I could go back in time and rip up my vote for Klink. Visit Joe Hoeffel's blog today and take action to help make him the next Senator from Pennsylvania.


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